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MEMORIIIIES aka; quick canon links since I seem to need to pull these up a lot

Yeah like that, but not.

Versus Kizaru

Ace Flashback -- from 17:03 on

-- Things to note with it. a) Ace is a lost puppy and so damn cute with his gruuumpy and his freeeckles and his determination not to get along with everyone. --> b) Which is what makes Marco ten times more happy when Ace starts coming around and then DOES join the crew. c) Marco and Thatch are bffs. He loves Thatch as a brother (arguably more) and certainly his best friend.

d) Marco is frankly a creeper at Ace in the anime. Just. Really. He is. I cannot even write a legit POV for it because WELL WATCH FOR YOURSELF.
Photobucket -- that face :| THAT FACE

e) Marco and Ace have a manly bro moment in which Marco tries to get Ace to stop trying to kill his Pops and instead join the family. No seriously, that's how it goes down. Because everyone always tries to get raving would be assassins to join the family. This is how families grow! It is so manly that this glowing rainbow appears behind them:
& Manga page of it.

f) During the festivities celebrating Ace becoming a commander, Marco apparently decided to wear lipstick that matches his shirt
-- It could be a bad coloring job but why. Why. Why. Even. Also. That pose. Nope. Going with the lipstick theory. I maintain Izou (16th division commander and Marco's okama brother) wanted him to try it out.

g) Speaking of bad color jobs... Before Toei knew Marco was going to be a much bigger character, they colored him goth. :| :| yeaaah. It is literally right after Thatch died and Ace left to hunt down Blackbeard, and before he decided to get his act together because Shanks was coming. So I go with the idea that Marco was mourning Thatch and thus went through a brief goth period. He wore purple lipstick once, so why not.
Goth phase and no patience for other people's egos: manga page

In any case, you're welcome to get your own saner impressions of Marco from before Thatch dies and all the ANGST happens; you can't possibly come off with a worse impression of Marco than what I already did.

Vs Garp

Breaking out of the cuffs

Vs Akainu: ask CC for Translation

Vs Aokiji: ask CC for Translation

Whitebeard's Funeral & thanking Shanks

Shanks being annoying -- 4:30 onward
Manga chapter

Whitebeard's Death

It should go without saying, but that leaves Marco obviously heartbroken.

Whitebeard Protecting Fishman Island -- this page & A fanart

Lying to the World
This + the page after.

-- For the video clips it should be noted; Marco really REALLY adores Whitebeard, like head over heels hero worships. Anyone spending 2 seconds in Marco's head and seeing Whitebeard would instantly realize that. Marco also loves his family just that much, he teases the younger ones and has the biggest bro in a family of big brothers thing going on, but he still adores them to pieces. The pure affection he has for his family is really strong. He finds Shanks annoying; though by WB's funeral, he's deeply indebted to him and extremely grateful for getting his family out alive.

As much as Marco loves his family, that's how much he hates Blackbeard. There is also an intense amount of hurt and betrayal as they once considered Blackbeard one of their own and Marco trusted him like a brother. Marco doesn't hate Garp, but he does fear him slightly. He does NOT fear the admirals (Aokiji, Kizaru, and Akainu.) He mocks Kizaru, he hates Akainu as Akainu killed Ace, but there is a bit of intimidation in that Marco knows even Whitebeard wasn't able to instantly kill Akainu, so that means Marco himself would have a slim chance at best. As with all of Marineford; while Marco's general "first instinct" is revenge; he will always 100% prioritize protecting his family and getting them out alive. No matter what. So he does have intense urges towards revenge throughout all his memories, but those desires are overridden with the responsibility to keep his family alive.

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