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This will be seriously slow going, because he's in 3 comms and I'm bad at HTML. ANYWAYS Here goes nothing, starting fresh on DW

Not everyone has been added, nothing to do with strong impressions, but simply because I'm slow, and Marco gets around a lot. If you want to be added LEAVE A COMMENT! \o/ Ditto on updating it.

Marco chilling with his peeps:



( redcinemareel. )
Grell Sutcliffe
They met when Marco literally tripped over Grell around the grounds. They sort of flirted because Marco was trying to get the violent woman less mad at him, and Marco is basically Grell's type. At one point Grell tried to kill Marco so he took her on a flight and he realized he'd either have to hurt her or date her. He went with the latter. Strangely, it works for them. And as often is bantered around campus: “If anyone could handle Grell it'd be Marco.” He'd do anything for her, and now that he took her back to “meet the family” during the May event, they got engaged at the graduation party. Her killing tendencies worry the fuck out of him. He doesn't handle his family/loved ones getting injured well and he's head over heels about her, so every little injury makes him worry. In general Marco gets a kick out of spoiling Grell as much as he can, as that's his style and lets him show off, so sometimes he kind of outdoes himself with trying to top his previous stuff. He's aware that Grell is pretty high maintenance, luckily it just keeps him on his toes as he works out ways to surprise her and be over the top. He's rarely bothered by her outbursts, aware that she can be over the top, but humors them and just enjoys distracting her. He also gets a kick out of giving her blue things instead of red, because he's sneaky. He loves her and gets irritated if people call her a man, simply because it upsets her and he'd rather people could respect that.

They got married in April (2012) when Marco's Pops was there to officiate and his wedding ring is easily his most important treasure (other than Grell and his family themselves). He's still in a happy giddy honeymoon phase, but he doesn't ever expect to leave it either. She gets him well enough that he can be himself and she can calm him down as much as vice versa. Grell also let Marco add the Whitebeard tattoo on her neck (in red of course) which Marco adores. Ever want to see him bursting with pride? Just remind him of that.

( espio. )
Espio the Chameleon
Seriously, Marco just doesn't meet people on good terms. Gosh. So he met Espio with chameleon being his usual totally unfriendly cranky self and Marco chuckled about Espio's perceived height inferiority complex, because Marco's Pops and two of his brothers are as much taller than Marco than Marco has on Espio. They have a lot of differences, especially on views of justice, revenge, and good vs. evil. However, Marco adopted Espio as a brother and he got him a Stetson hat with the Whitebeard mark on it. Espio's one of the few people Marco really trusts in the Garden to discuss serious things with, perhaps because he already knows how far apart their ideological views set them. If Marco got in trouble, one of the first people Marco would go to is Espio. He does actually enjoy hanging out with the chameleon and he loves their banter. When Espio was sick in a coma, Marco refused to leave his side until he got better, though Espio yelled at him for it. Espio is also one of the few people Marco is utterly casual about taking flying. And Espio is also the only person Marco's asked Grell NOT to kill, and not because Marco doesn't think Grell won't kill the others, he just considers Espio a brother through and through. For his wedding, as Marco said, Espio was the first and only person to come to mind as best man for it. Marco knows about Espio's home being destroyed and keeps on insisting that he'll take Espio back to his own world with him.

With Espio dating Marco's son, Marco half views him Espio as a son-in-law sometimes, but baby brother chameleon forever. Proof of Marco's trust in him is that he's perhaps the only one in the Garden Marco will let take him flying in a vehicle of any kind other than Grell (who just teleports).

( corruptedsouls. )
Tobias Hayes, "Toby"
Marco has a soft spot for Lost Boys. Call it a Peter Pan/pirate complex or whatever. He looked after Ace during his rampage phase, and that doesn't end just with him. Toby came to the Garden heavily emotionally scarred and terrified and Marco went and got him food and tried to calm him down with his phoenix form as Toby is great with animals. He's adopted Toby as a son and loves him to pieces. Anyone who messes with Toby can expect swift and terrible phoenix revenge as can only be given by a Whitebeard pirate so famous for revenge. He was a complete wreck when Toby was in a coma and Espio had to make him eat and sleep or he wouldn't have. Toby drew him a picture of Whitebeard and Marco treasures it to pieces, and Toby has a blue phoenix plushie somewhere of Marco. Like a father, Marco's got some high hopes for Toby to get stronger and forge his own path, but he worries a lot about him especially since Toby's been through a lot and mostly doesn't fight back, which makes Marco extra determined to protect him, pinging all of his over the top instincts. Indeed, right when Marco was going to hit a rough patch, Toby came back and is really the biggest reason Marco hasn't lost his composure this time.

( eggplantallergy. )
Kamui Gakupo
Originally marine!Ace's roommate, Gakupo is the first friend Marco made in WR. Not that this stops Marco from calling him Plum, throwing water balloons on him or trolling the hell out of him. It's just done with love and gusto. Even without Ace around, Marco still remembers how much Plum tried to help him and tried to return the favor with Akiela. It didn't work out, but Marco still considers him close. He appreciates the man's voice and skill as a bard (though if anyone ever sings “Derelict” to Marco again, he'll choke them and explain exactly what it's about), but sometimes Marco doesn't get the whole “bushido way” thing. Anyhow, he likes Plum, mostly for trolling purposes. Gakupo is doing the music for the wedding, much to Marco's continued "can I just hide and wait it out" feeling. Nevertheless, no one could fault his enthusiasm and Marco's grateful.

( bratbeyond. )
Damian Razem
Completely adopted, Damien is like a non-raging chibi!Ace. But with justice. It's weird. Still, he's completely adorable and at least like a little brother, and almost like a son to Marco. He gets the one-armed hugs and hair ruffling treatment constantly. And Damien's called Marco “boss” which is a big deal to him (Batman after all), though where Marco's accustomed to hearing that back home all the time, he did warn him that if Damian keeps it up, Marco will just want to adopt him into the pirate crew even more. As Robin, Marco's mostly pieced together that they're one and the same, but he never brings it up because well, Marco doesn't always tell people that the phoenix wandering around campus is him, so he gets it. Though as he says, birds gotta stick together. He got him join the D.C. mostly to have backup, but also because they're both in the habit of watching over their homes at night and keeping idiots out of trouble. Of course now that he's the only one left in the D.C. Marco feels a little responsible, so he made a note to keep an eye out to see what he can do to help (thanks to a heads' up from Gakupo.)

( worthyheir. )
Damian Wayne
Much like his AU!twin counterpart, Marco views Damian Wayne much the same way. That said, he does notice their key differences pretty starkly. Wayne takes himself more seriously than Razem, and is actually a little more like Marco than Ace: smart, businesslike, and the rage is a little more hidden and forcibly controlled. And while they're both cocky, Wayne's is more in Marco's style than Ace's. Nonetheless, he likes him almost just the same, and he's proud to be an employee of their enterprises. Though good luck to them keeping him in check. He's also made it a goal to get them to loosen up and enjoy being kids. Because as everyone knows, the Whitebeard pirates a big group of siblings who never 100% grew up. He'll spread that philosophy forever.

( rebellingheart. )
Rinoa Heartilly
Marco's never had a little sister (except maybe Haruta) but Rinoa is about the closest he can imagine it to being like. They met through Angelo and were sort of casual friends, but after she got upset, he took her flying for drinks and since then he's been pretty overprotective – let that be a lesson to girls who would cry on Marco's shoulder, he will feel the need to break whatever made said girl cry. He looks over her progress kind of like a big brother and gets all weird and fond that she's getting good at gunblades. She also told him about being a Sorceress, so he knows they're tight. He's also promised himself to practically kill anyone who makes her cry again. And he will, he seriously will. One day he wants to teach her to fly with her wings, but as she still wants to hide them away, he keeps quiet, waiting until she's ready.
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( fourseasons. )
Kiku Honda: Japan
As the only person who needed an entire post just to keep track of their LJ threads, yeah, there's a lot of CR there. Marco is as head over heels for Japan as he can get. Currently his best friend in Discedo, Marco thinks about Japan before figuring out what to do himself. For dinner he gets fish because Japan likes it. While going flying, he keeps an eye out for things Japan might use/want/need and so on and so forth. "Obsessed" doesn't even scratch the surface. He loves him to pieces in every way imaginable. It kind of makes him crazy. Well... crazier.

Japan started off as one of the people who insisted they were fine with being alone even if they weren't really. Which drove Marco nuts and determined to prove him wrong. Their relationship was always a little messed up, Marco at first thought they were so alike he would get bored of Japan, but the more he got to know him, the more he wanted to. He always teased Japan, pushing the limits, but part of it was more truth to it than Marco really was ready to admit to. He thought Japan wanted/could do better, and eventually he decided fuck that, he wanted Japan for himself.

Ace declared Japan to be their nakama way back when and they adopted him like an island under their protection. So to say the least, Marco implicitly trusts with Japan with everything, including the welfare of his other nakama or Luffy. Marco is proud of Japan and admires him, wanting to be able to keep up with the country, so he tries to make sure they share interests and plays Japan's games. That and he's always encouraged Japan's drawing as it was the first/only thing Japan claimed to enjoy for "fun." They're both older than they look, sneaky, perverts, and ship everyone in Discedo, and occasionally look after the trolls together. While Marco often gets antsy staying in Discedo, Japan is doing so because of the Watch and Marco knows from experience that staying apart from Japan would kill him. So he took over the bar to stay close to Japan and keep him safe ~forever~

Marco and Cube are working on how to get back to other worlds when Discedo is said and done, and it is definitely because Marco wants to reach Japan in his own world. He acts like they're married sometimes, and while he claims he won't bring it up until he can prove to Japan he will make it to Japan's world and find him there, he definitely pushes the limits with teasing again. He does that a lot.

For Spring he wants to completely decorate the apartment in a sakura theme. No, Marco doesn't really get the meaning of over the top. It also has to be noted that they both love seeing each other in maid outfits. Like. A lot. Seriously, it needs noting. Marco fell for Japan in Other!Discedo when Japan was fighting in one, Japan bought pictures of Marco dressed in one, for Marco's birthday Japan wore one and he's making a costume for Marco... It's a theme of theirs. Along with moon gazing and rooftops and hell, everything ever.

( loyal_cube. )
Marco completely trusts Cube. To the point that Cube is sometimes one of the few (or only) people Marco will actually tell about things that are bothering him. As one of the only other people wings that can fly, Marco started off already fond of Cube. He respects him for the way Cube cares about people; adopted big brothers, and then others like the princesses in his care or Flandre. Marco didn't have a problem with Soraoto at all, if anything, he just found him hilarious, but he knows why Cube is wary of the trusting the other demon now. As a doctor, Marco wouldn't trust anyone else better in this place unless they were officially a Whitebeard crew member or affiliate, and as a little brother, Marco's officially adopted Cube and promised that if anything happens he'd be honored to look after Flandre for him.

Cube is the other reason Marco took over the bar. He knows how much Shinjiro meant to him, and with the bar connected to the cafe, his goal is to keep both places a safe haven from the darkness that is Discedo. Cube is the first person to believe in Marco's goal of reaching Japan, because unbeknownst to Marco, Cube was planning the same thing in order to get to his own friends. This also means Cube knows full well how difficult it is, but they refuse to be deterred by anything.
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( hiken_ace. )
Portgas D. Ace
Where would Marco be without Ace? Nowhere, really. For as much as it seems like Marco's always looking after Ace, it's not really the case at all. Ace isn't just the prodigal son/brother that the Whitebeard pirates lost, he's Marco's best friend. They're both pyromaniacs and as much as Ace is a brat, it's exactly what Marco needs. Just like Ace needed Luffy to want him in his life, Marco desperately needs someone like Ace to make up for the giant hole that would otherwise be in his life. Ace is the reason Marco is able to be so stable in Luceti and do what Marco does best. Without him, he'd be a mess.

Ace convinced Marco to meet more friends and help rescue the new feathers, and Ace continually forces Marco to stop being a recluse and actually put himself out there, with new people or even just to date Robin. And because of that, Marco is really and truly happy in Luceti. He's made it his goal to look after Ace (no surprise) and anyone Ace wants looked after (Sabo, Norma, Luffy) instantly winds up with a phoenix protector too. There is really nothing Marco wouldn't do for Ace, he only has to say the word. That said, Marco is actually getting a little more like Ace, but in only good ways. Their threads run from all emotions, joking, happy, sad, dark, fighting, bickering, goofing off, flying, drinking, gay chicken, and as Marco puts it, they know it's all okay because no matter what at the end of the day, they'll fix things with each other. (Because they love each other and and they're brothers.)

He usually has to try hard not to smother Ace in 1600 brothers worth of affection, but given all Ace has been through, he's pretty good at putting up with his mother-hen of a big brother. Ace is easily the most important person to Marco in Luceti and he'd be devastated to lose him, protecting him gives him purpose, drive, and hope and he is just a bit dependent on that. Making Luceti a better place for Ace is his intended goal, and he'll go to some pretty extreme lengths to do that without thinking twice. Marco will do anything and everything with Ace. Flying, cooking, eating, fighting back to back, Ace has a standing order to even come wake Marco up if Ace can't sleep and they are brothers in the truest sense of the word. And there is no one Marco trusts more right now.

( sailedfirst. )
Sabo is Marco's other brother in Luceti, he basically stole/inherited him from Ace and Luffy, and Marco is happy to share the apartment with the third brother. Of the brothers, Marco probably shares the most in common with Sabo, if just because they're both not Ds, and both like reading. He likes that even though they're not crazy Ds, Sabo still tries to get stronger and keep on par with his brothers – especially difficult since they are now in their twenties and he's only ten.

Still, Marco loves the kid and discreetly tries to look after him, using guilt trips to make sure Sabo doesn't push himself too hard at the training center and otherwise just keeps tabs on him. He also loves the pet rooster Kelloggs, especially since the horoscope of “adopt a chicken” was one Marco got himself before. In any case, Sabo is a happy addition to Marco's family and he's not likely to let him forget it any time soon. Since Luceti is the only place all the brothers can be together, Marco extends his goal with Ace to making it someplace as perfect as possible for Sabo too, but luckily in some ways since Sabo has a better head on his shoulders than Ace, that's a little easier to do.

( talontrot. )
Speaking of adopting chickens... Marco adopted Kazooie almost on a whim when he got the horoscope telling him to do so. But only almost. He already adores her for being as close to being a phoenix as is possible without literally being a phoenix. She has multiple lives (lol video game 4th wall break) and she likes to kick ass and take names. Marco is still unfortunately completely incapable of understanding the desire to be a hero, and mildly prejudiced against the concept (heroes will always = Garp the Fist and goody-two-shoes marines & justice!types to him), but he still love Kazooie for who she is, and finds her determination towards such a goal endearing if nothing else.

He hasn't forgiven the Malnosso for taking her flying away, but he does admire that she's trying to work through it no matter what.

( bubblywishes. )
Buttercup! In Marco's trust levels, there's trusting someone with his own life, and then on a much higher scale, there's trusting someone with his nakama's lives. And while most of his nakama or adopted family do fit that bill, Norma hit it early on. She reminds him a ton of Haruta which can be a little bittersweet at times, but he loves Norma as herself so much that it doesn't matter. She's feisty and adorable, and anytime she's hurt Marco is pretty much going to instantly leap into action to come help her out.

He was completely serious when he told her that he would be in a bad place if she got hurt in front of him, and it's not exaggeration to say he would probably murder someone in revenge right then and there. So it's probably better to just keep that from happening. She's one of the few (several?) with almost complete license to tease him mercilessly and not get punished severely for it. Possibly a Haruta reflex, but also because she's cute enough with it he can't bring himself to get too mad about it. He's also half-determined to get her and Robin together so they can talk about being the only survivor with knowledge of an ancient dead language that leads to history and treasure, and half-worried what will happen if they did get together. Oh well, with that he'll just let whatever happens, happen.

( toujoursfluer. )
Nico Robin
He's in love with her. Don't even get him started. (He's in trouble about it already~) She's challenging, he loves her morbid sense of humor, and that he has no idea where he stands with her or what he's doing most of the time. It was just a crush when she first left Luceti, something borne more from her intelligence and humor and all the times she played with him or used him as a steed. Since he really didn't think she'd come back, he figured it was safe to own up to the small crush and promised Ace that next time he wouldn't waste time or chances if he got them again.

He loves literally everything about her. That she's such a thorn to the side of the government, that she's pretty damn kuudere, (kuudere with a smile) and that there are lot of his antics she doesn't put up with, yet she's still playful enough to join him in others like the prank war, even if just to be a chaotic wild card. He even likes that they fight and get mad at each other because it shows they respect each other enough to be honest like that while still trusting in each other whatever happens.

She keeps him entirely off balance and always makes him do his best at things he wouldn't normally challenge himself at. And he loves that. Just as Ace gives Marco purpose and drive, Robin gives him excitement and reasons to work at trying new things like gardening, or switching to nonfiction so he can trade books with her. He has no intentions to steal her from the Straw-Hats (not that he could) but mostly all he wants is to spend time with her doing little things or anything. He really enjoys her company just for what it is and living each moment to the fullest. He gets a huge kick out of trying to entertain or impress her, especially since it requires going full-out. And she keeps using the birdie phrase for "I'm a lady, it'll take more than that to impress me," which obviously just eggs him on more. Fiend.

( deathsdoctor. )
Trafalgar Law
Marco once told Law that if the Whitebeard pirates were in better standing and could actually offer help or protection in the New World then Law would certainly have been scouted by them. Then Marco realized that in Luceti it's not like being a Whitebeard is suddenly the target it is back home and if anything, it'd just be telling the rest of Luceti not to fuck with them or they'd have each other's backs. And hey, doesn't he already do that to a smaller unofficial degree? Even with the Malnosso?

So then Marco decided in true pirate fashion to steal him. However, in a long convoluted way that makes absolutely no sense. He's talented like that. The Davy Back Games are almost entirely as a ruse to get Law and then after he's one of their own for a week or so, convince him how fun it would be to stay on. That and/or steal Itachi. Marco ships them (and has for a while). In any case, he has a great deal of respect for Law, and what started off as an initial “thank you” for helping out at Marineford became a pretty fast friendship and if Marco needs to do some heavy drinking or needs help with Ace, Law's his go-to guy. He respects him as a brilliant doctor and first and foremost as a protective captain who'd have done anything to protect Bepo. It's a very Whitebeard thing. And despite how Marco is slightly warier and more distant after Blackbeard's betrayal, Marco can't help himself trusting Law a pretty decent amount. Even if he does keep affectionately calling him a rookie. After all, he met a lot of his brothers, Ace included, when they were all rookies.

( gomugomunopwn. )
Monkey D. Luffy
Forever “Ace's little brother” Marco has been hearing stories about Luffy from Ace long before he ever met him at Marineford. He know Shanks also put a ton of faith into protecting Luffy (his bet on the next generation) and that the infamous hat comes from Shanks. Individually, he admires Luffy's D-drive and that he's a good strong protective captain, in the way Marco thinks pirates should be, but rarely is anyone like that. He's fully aware exactly what Whitebeard, Ace, and Shanks all saw in Luffy and the more he sees Luffy in action, the more respect he has for him.

That said, Marco can't completely come to terms with the idea of Luffy shaking up the whole world. He's all for it, and he wants to help, but the more Marco hears about Luffy declaring war on Big Mam or pulling a Whitebeard to protect Fishman Island, the more he thinks that is something his crew and generation should be working on. And yet, since their hands are tied with Blackbeard, he's actually very grateful to Luffy for doing that, even if Luffy doesn't want their gratitude. Marco still hasn't let go of his promise to Whitebeard, Ace, and his crew to look after Luffy, but with so many protective figures around and Luffy's own strength, Marco's happy to take a more watchful position in Luceti.

There aren't a lot of people who impress Marco and indeed, it actually just boils down to Robin, Law, and Luffy so far in Luceti. Still Luffy does impress Marco, but Marco genuinely likes him just for being a stubborn and almost annoying little brother, just like the rest of Marco's crew he's so used to. And he doesn't care what Luffy or anyone says, there's no way a grill made of seastone would make meat taste good. Yuck. Marco does sort of intend to have a serious discussion with Luffy someday, but he will forever shy away from it, and honestly unless cornered he'll probably find ways to avoid it. So it's more likely to come up back on the Grand Line (a million years from now) than in Luceti. In Luceti, Marco's content just to get to know Luffy as a little more than just “Ace's little brother” and the man who would be Pirate King.

( inheavenslight. )
The Judge (Luce)
He was so intent on trolling the hell out of this guy forever. The Judge started off saying how it was annoying to have talking birds around so of course Marco showed up in phoenix form over the book to smacktalk some sense at him. And troll him. He convinced The Judge that he was raised by pineapples that taught him to talk and that they were at war with the coconuts, and then got Robin to back him up and further the trolling. But in the process Marco started to get a much clearer picture of who Luce really was rather than just what. And for all the World Government-style mindsets and attitude get to him and trigger him in a “twitchy rage” kind of way, Marco can't help seeing Luce as more brainwashed and a little broken. He has just the right amount of willingness to stay open- that provides Marco a chance to get through to him, or understand him better, however slim it is.

Marco is genuinely honored to know the Judge's real name and to be considered one of his first/only friends. Even if it is just because Marco is a bird and the Judge has yet to realize Marco isn't just a phoenix. He shared some sparkles with Luce and told him to keep trying at learning to grow potatoes. And in spite of himself, Luce is on Marco's protected list. Sure, Marco keeps trolling him (he's convinced it's good for Luce's brain too) but no one is allowed to hurt him if Marco can help it. He's also one of the few people Marco let see into the window dark thoughts that is his worries/concerns about Blackbeard and the future of the New World for his family. Almost just to prove that he didn't care if Luce judged him or not. He's eager to prove to Luce that he can be more than just a judge, and that being said, he'll be a long time in revealing that he isn't just a phoenix (if he can be) just so that he can make the point together that just as Marco can be more than just a phoenix, Luce can be more than just a judge. Either way, Marco's glad to have this oh-so-bizarre friendship, even if he will never stop it with the Pineapples & Coconuts war.
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