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With a Smile and A Song....

[So while crazy shit and drama goes down, Marco who can never be called undramatic, has amped that drama up to twelve. And he is giving rooftop performances of booming song! Aww, isn't that nice of him? Too bad it is literally at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.]

Oh what a beautiful morning!!
Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Everything's going my way~!

[And without switching a beat he switches right into something else.]

Love lifts us up where we belong!
Where eagles fly! On a mountain high!

[Annnnd another.]

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!
If you can use some exotic booze,
There's a bar in far Bombay!
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!

[And with that he dances about on the rooftop of CH3, showing off his recently returned flag and the stack of booze bottles with white flowers that he made a memorial. Well, he certainly seems like he's in a good mood at least.]


[And loud. So loud. It's too early for this. Someone shut him up.]

Ah, I need something stronger to show my love! [No. Really. He Does not.] Would that I could sing flowers everywhere -- AH! Or perhaps-? [He cheerfully whistles to try to get the birds to join him, and even the birds join in a few rounds of telling him to shut the heck up, because he's going to scare the worms.] No one understands Spring like a trapped phoenix. [Woe is him.]
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[Would a kick on the butt suffice to make him shut up? Because that's what he's getting from Ikki as soon as he arrives. He didn't get up this early and come to visit to enjoy your loud singing, brother. Of course the kick isn't going to be a strong one, just enough to make the other stumble hopefully.]
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[Ikki just squirms to try to get away, he knew Marco gets bad in Spring but it doesn't mean it's any less annoying.]

Yeah, yeah. Shouldn't you be rolling over flowers chirping rather than destroying everyone's eardrums at this hour in the morning?

[Not that Marco sings badly, actually he could be horrible and Ikki wouldn't notice, but he's just trying to get him to shut up.]
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I'm not going to sing to anyone, specially not at this hour. Why don't you sit down and drink?

[Get drunk and shut up.]
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I want you to get drunk. Maybe then you'll stop being so loud.

[Crossing his arms, pay no mind to his bandaged right shoulder. He eyes the flag with a frown.]

Glad to see it back in place without having to do it myself.
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It was the Malnosso, turning someone into an idiot unable to remember his own family crest.


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[ .. Well, at least someone is back to normal. And extremely loud to boot. She's not sure if she prefers this or back then, honestly.. since right now she's just looking up towards the roof with a lineface. It didn't wake her up, she can get up early easily, but she obviously hears it from the walk she's having. ]
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[ .................................


No other expression is possible for this. ]

Hey, Marco. [ At least loud enough for him to hear.. ] Having fun up there?
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I don't think it's a matter of other people being quiet.. [ Just in case you didn't know, Marco. But she sighs a little - honestly, deep down, Ange's too nice, so.. ]

Want me to come up?
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No, stay up there. If you come down the lynching mob might decide to actually come over. [ Okay, at least that's just a joke.. because of the sound and all.. ] Just give me a few minutes to get up.

[ And with that she walks into the building, quickly moving up until she finally comes out on the rooftop. ]

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SHHHHHH I am not late at all to this post.

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We herons understand Spring better then any bird out there.
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You see nothing~

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Our forest was always Spring no matter what it was in the world around us.
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[And she will just get this 'look' on her face that clearly states that exact same thing. Really big bro, really?]

Says the one that is up and singing about with some of his notes off pitched.
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[Hahaha she laughs at your.... Your... Upsetness! Laughs! Inside laughs but still laughs.... Okay nope, she is giggling now at you.]

And you never showed off your range to me before during our lessons~?

[She is the master of the voice, Marco. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! And gonna fly and land near you bro.]

My forest would be no different then now you know. [You know.... Once she finds a way to revive it.]


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best way XD

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So much truth

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