fierybluebird: (Stefan the big white mustache dog)
Marco the Phoenix ([personal profile] fierybluebird) wrote2013-07-14 10:46 pm

Action / Voice

[A: Action has a ridiculously cheerful Marco wandering Luceti, actually walking, not flying. This is because he's walking his Pops' dog. A big white dog with a mustache on its face. The same crescent moon mustache that can be seen on Marco's tattoo. Well they say pets take after their owners...]

[Though I'm pretty sure that's not how it's meant.]

Fetch, Stefan!

[The dog barks and goes bounding after the white frisbee, only to stop as it hits the ground. What you expected him to catch it? Or actually fetch it? No. He gives Marco a quizzical stare instead, like what the hell is he supposed to do with it? Marco deadpans him right back.]

What, you were expecting this? [He holds up a white boomerang instead. And Stefan barks. With a small sigh Marco tosses it, fetches the fallen frisbee himself, and the dog goes racing after the boomerang. Including when it comes back to Marco, who just holds up a hand and catches it.] I don't know if you're just that lazy or he gave you bad habits, eh? [But Marco gives the dog a treat and an affectionate face rub anyway. Seems his Pops wasn't the only one giving him bad habits. In any case, feel free to spot him anywhere outside and stop and say hello or join him, both Marco and Stefan are quite friendly.]

[B. Voice: After fetching food for dinner (fish and mostly vegetarian things, sorry Robin, he's been cooking with Leanne in mind) and stopping to actually return books to the library instead of just stealing them indefinitely like the pirate he is, Marco lazily grabs a spot in the garden near the Straw Hat house.]

Hello Luceti.

I'm Captain Marco, of the Whitebeards, though there's really only me left of us here. I suppose that goes for a lot of the pirates left here, eh? In any case, if you're a lost new feather, give me a call, and I can come flying out there. And for everyone, I pose to you a question.

All worlds seem to have their own ways of preserving history, and some of burying it. In my own world, I think we go for the latter more often than not. Perhaps ironically, one of the strangest things about being a pirate is that we also uncover and preserve a lot of history. Accidentally, or because of treasure and legends. What one pirate might find to be treasure, the rest of the world might see as useless junk. My father was big on preserving history through stories. When you pass on legends, you keep them real in a way nothing solid can. So my question quite simply, is what do you or your worlds do to preserve history and stories? And what do you do if it's destroyed, eh?


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