fierybluebird: (kick)
Marco the Phoenix ([personal profile] fierybluebird) wrote2013-09-30 01:29 am

At the Barrier's Edge / Video

[Hey Luceti, have you ever seen a bird fly hard into a closed window?]

[Because that is exactly what a certain pissed off phoenix is basically doing with the barrier. First he just throws his whole body at it, which makes a sickening cracking sound a little like a bird slammed into a window. Sparkles and blue feathers going flying as Marco gets thrown straight back only to make a sharp dive and try again.]

[This goes on a few more times before Marco gives up and switches to human.]


[Then he starts throwing kicks at it as hard and quickly as he can. This was not bright.]

[Seriously not bright.]

[Because each kick gets thrown right back at his head.]

[After a few more of these, a camera flash or two from Law to the side, Marco appears somewhat satisfied with kicking himself in the bloody blue sparkly face.]

I get the feeling this is harder on the inside than outside, yoi.

I have no idea what to do with those points.

[Other than a present for Robin... whenever both their tempers calm down.]

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