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We are Family I got all my brothers and me! / High Seas CR

High Seas CR Chart!

Comment here with a bracket: < and I'll TL;DR about Marco's current view of them. And maybe a theme song. No promises.
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a bracket
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Well, Marco where he's from you can be crushed by a rock and still be alright. (Even if in complete pain!) But on the other hand where Crocker is from you also do have an expiration date. So one does die at some point. Not to mention Timmy's gerbil coming back from the dead. Death is hinted at. Look at #25.

Though, Crocker still thinks he can be crushed by a rock and be alright :|

BUT Denzel does know he'll expire still at some point or another.

It's weird.

Marco you jabbed Crocker in the father feels mentioning you have one.

How about interesting and nuisance? XD
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Same here looking forward to where it goes either :D
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You better give her a themesong!
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Sneaks in here.