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Out Of Character

CC / Wolf
Age: 30
Personal Journal: [personal profile] silverwolfcc
Contact: E-mail/AIM/Plurk/Yahoo!/etc. / LittleTigerCC12 / [ profile] silverwolfcc / LittleTigerCC12 / Silverwolfcc on steam
In Character Name: Marco (the Phoenix)
Canon: One Piece
Canon Point: Whitebeard funeral
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: Actual age = MYSTERY. Over 40. Apparent age? between 25-40 or infinity. He's a fucking phoenix. That loser.

Belongings: Nah, just clothes. Fake glasses to look smart, maybe a handful of wanted posters.
Skills and Powers:
While Marco is able to transform into a phoenix, given that he will be in very tight quarters, and surrounded by not just books (which he values highly!!!) but worlds, he will be using the phoenix regeneration and hybrid primarily to restore his own energy and health, and for safety. And trolling. A lot of trolling. His haki will mostly only come into play in the worlds and/or defensively as needed. (see link) Despite being an extreme physical fighter, Marco is highly reliant on his brains and tactical skills more than everything else, and being in a library will absolutely draw this side out of him.

Bookmark Description:
(The bookmark will appear on your person when you wake up in the Library. It has an appearance when not activated, you tell us what it looks like. Otherwise it will act like a tablet, communication device, and way to keep tabs on your progress.)
On one side Marco will have his chest tattoo mark, in bright sky blue glowing against the black, and on the other side, his "home" before it burned: The Moby Dick flagship:

History and Personality: - History

Marco is extremely strong: physically, as far as fighting goes, but also mentally, as he has a lot of willpower and was able to resist falling asleep from Shanks' haki. He's ridiculously protective of his crew and anyone he cares about as an ally or trusted friend. He loves Whitebeard as a father, calling him Pops like the rest of the crew does, and was the first person to explain to Ace why the pirates trust and love Whitebeard as a father. He gets very distraught when someone hurts his crewmates, and tends to be the worrier of the crew, sometimes referred to as the "Mother Hen" in fanon. He's intimately well-informed on crew matters, having been one of Whitebeard's most trusted commanders, and is seen as very responsible, even duty-bound at times. As the first division commander, he's "the big brother" of the family that is the Whitebeard crew ,and he looks after all his little brothers, calling them "young ones" and treating them almost like baby ducks until they get stronger and learn more about how the world works. He has a deadpan sense of humor, claiming in the middle of battle to be severely hurt by Kizaru, even when he was completely unharmed, and is shown to be quite sarcastic while maintaining an emotionless face. He doesn't like to show weakness to enemies or outsiders, and because a lot of people (such as Crocodile) want to kill Whitebeard to take his place, or in an attempt to become the next pirate king, Marco is usually quite wary of them. However, he does take a quick liking to Luffy, partly because he knew how important he was to Ace, and also because Luffy stopped Crocodile from attacking Whitebeard in the fight.

Marco has an intense loyalty to Whitebeard. So much so, that he generally dislikes Red-Hair Shanks for asking Marco to switch sides and join his crew instead. He also got annoyed with Shanks for using haki on his crew, which Marco is very protective of. His love for Whitebeard (and worry thereof) is so great that despite the composure Marco shows through the rest of the battle at Marineford, when Whitebeard got hurt and started to fall, Marco turned his back on his enemy to try to rush to Whitebeard's side, and this got him into handcuffs draining him of his phoenix powers. He openly cried at both Ace and Whitebeard's deaths, even though it was in the middle of a battlefield, but he still maintained the presence of mind to try to get the rest of his crew to safety -- showing exactly why he was one of Whitebeard's strongest commanders, mentally as well as physically. Likewise, Marco is extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable about aspects of the world, that few, if anyone, knows much about.

He was extraordinarily worried about Ace when Fire-Fist took off to avenge Thatch against Blackbeard and even tried to stop Ace, because while he trusts his fellow commanders to have the strength to take care of themselves, and knew Ace's capabilities, Whitebeard told Ace to stand down. Marco trusted Whitebeard's judgement intimately and likewise trusted that Thatch was strong enough to survive where he couldn't, which meant Blackbeard far exceeded anyone's expectations of strength (as Shanks tried to inform the Whitebeard crew, though they already knew.) In spite of this, however, in order to save face for Ace and his pride, Marco backed up Whitebeard every step of the way in the claim that they ordered Ace to hunt Blackbeard down, even to Shanks and the world at Marineford.

Even without being Teach's division commander, Marco kept a close enough eye on Blackbeard to know things about him no one that else appears to. This is most likely due to his care for all of his crew, not just his own division, and his attention to fine details that was necessary to help his captain keep the crew running smoothly. However, in spite of the friendship and closeness to his crewmates, Marco still managed to keep a managerial distance, calling the newer crew members "young ones" and making it very clear that they took orders from him. He can be warm and gentle with them (like making sure to bring Ace food), but for all his affection for his supposed little brothers, Marco doesn't hesitate to take lone action himself, like surging ahead in a battle.

The Whitebeard pirates in general have the reputation of swift and terrible vengeance, and Marco is by no means exempt from this. His fury for Blackbeard for killing Thatch was only compounded when Ace was turned over to the marines to be executed, and worse yet, when Teach killed their captain. Marco was also furious with Akainu (who delivered Ace's killing blow), but in spite of that and all the other times the crew made sure to exterminate anyone who hurt their family; Marco knew his first responsibility was to keep the rest of the crew safe and alive. If he rushed toward revenge in the way he desperately wanted to, his crew would have tried to back him up and gotten hurt. Thus Marco put the priority of making sure as many got back out alive as possible above their reputed priority of vengeance.

Marco can come across as very flippant and dismissive, part of his cocky arrogance and also part of his sense of humor. When Rockstar was trying to brag about his fame and asked if anyone had ever heard of him, Marco quickly retorted, "No," steamrolling any more attempts on the pirate messenger's part to puff up his name and own ego. Marco can be extremely deadpan and sarcastic, even in the middle of a battle, and usually jokes lies with a completely straight face. He lights up and he's at his best and happiest when he's talking about his Pops and how much they love him and why. There's a glimmer of this reflection when he's explaining things to his crew around him, or straight-away agreeing with his Pops (like minds), or when he's proudly determined thinking that even if victory isn't immediately at hand, it'll be fun to try.

Despite easily having one of the highest bounties in the world, being the second-hand-man to the strongest man in the world, and having one of the rarest and strongest devil fruits in the world, Marco doesn't talk much about himself or brag at all. Instead, he seems to share some of Whitebeard's dream of a desire for family in that Marco wants to keep them safe. He's smart and at least a little ambitious to reach the rank he did, but he has no desire to be the next Pirate King, and even having been around during Gold Roger's rise to fame (as well as Golden Leo Shiki's), Marco's loyalty was always to Whitebeard because he respected his captain so much for wanting family and love instead of jewels or power. Following in his captain's footsteps, Marco's strength and power isn't used to make him famous, but instead to protect the beloved crew he has. While Whitebeard was supposedly taking a gamble on Ace's "Will of the D" carrying the new generation of pirates into the future and setting Ace up to become the next Pirate King, Marco supported this stance and never sought the title himself.

Whitebeard himself was most famous for not allowing slavery and even taking islands under his protection to stop other pirates from trying to engage in it. He adopted any son of the sea who needed a home as one of his own and didn't hold any discriminations based on race, species, abilities, personality, and was a very firm believer that a son should never be held to pay for the sins of a father. Marco backed up all of these beliefs every step of the way, worked with cross-dressers, fishmen, monsters, giants, and other seeming outcasts without question or pause. The only thing Marco seemed to have troubles with was forgiving someone who hurt his crew; the same thing Whitebeard himself said he could never forgive.

Marco seems to have an incredible memory for names and faces, and has been shown to hold grudges for years past where most people would forgive or forget. He remembered Crocodile years later, Shanks, and various minor details about the crews and allies, and he is exceptionally skilled at spotting his own crewmembers. At one point when they were infiltrated by a would-be traitor, Marco was the one to find Chameleone and stop him, even though Chameleone's devil fruit disguised him perfectly by copying other people's faces and devil fruit abilities.

When Squardo was beating himself up for getting tricked by the marines into attacking Whitebeard, Marco was furious with him, but got straight to the heart of the matter and told Squardo that agonizing over the mistake wasn't going to fix it or help them. If Squardo wanted to be sorry, he could prove it by backing Pops up and helping him against the marines to rescue Ace. Likewise, Marco has a very straight-forward attitude towards problem solving with most things he comes across. While Whitebeard was considered a brilliant tactician in his life, but much like the King piece in chess: slow-moving, but lethal in close quarters, Marco's role was much more that of the queen. Throughout Marineford, Marco kept an eye on several different divisions at once, moved and adapted to many different circumstances, but always gave everyone their orders according to what they were best at.

One of Marco's biggest strengths is his usual ability to keep a level head in bad situations. He's deadpan and nearly unflappable; the only thing that gets to him is seeing his family/crew hurt. He can rationally analyze most situations and he's excellent at getting straight to the heart of the matter, or cutting through unimportant details along the way. As one of the older crewmembers and first division commander, he's earned the respect and loyalty of his men and even most of the entire 1600 man crew, and yet he cares about all of them, even if they're new and younger and he sometimes calls them idiots. He even took time out of his day to bring Ace soup and talk with him; well understanding the importance of simple gestures, and because he really looks out for the crew that much.

Marco is so rational and even tempered, that he's able to put his desire for vengeance against Teach second to keeping his family safe -- particularly knowing that this is what Thatch, Whitebeard, and even Ace would want. When Ace died, for all of Marco's fury and outrage, he made it his priority for the crew to protect Luffy at any cost, even though this meant letting Akainu go rather than killing him (despite again, the crew's reputation the world over for vengeance). Marco has a lot of experience in fighting, the New World, and piracy at large since they lived in the most dangerous part of the world, had a captain who had frequent assassination attempts on his head, and Marco's been part of the crew since before Shiki's visit to Whitebeard (20 years prior to Strong World/canon before the timeskip.) This means he knows a lot about the ocean's hazards, and enough to keep his family safe through all of that.

Like other One Piece characters, Marco has a flair for the dramatic, can be an extreme showoff (though for tactical purposes, he purposely tries to draw the attention and fire to him, when he wants to be overlooked, he often can be, especially since for a Whitebeard pirate, he's a very short 6'3" and not twenty feet tall or pockets in his chin) and he also has a verbal tick. In Japanese this is best used as adding "yoi" to the end of his sentences, but in English, this can be somewhat translated to having, "eh" at the end of the sentences.

Marco takes a great deal of pride in the Whitebeard name and tattoo. Having spent the last several decades watching legends come and go, Whitebeard was the only father he had. Not only does this set up the very core of Marco's personality and convictions, but he instills it in others as well, and he was the first person to explain to Ace why they called him Pops and convinced the struggling pirate to take the mark and be free with them. Likewise, it's a huge part of why Marco defends it so vehemently and gets the vengeance he once did; in order to spread their reputation and make sure everyone knows what will happen to them if they mess with the Whitebeard crew. Even when Ace and Whitebeard both had fallen, Marco pulled the crew together by his insistence that letting Straw Hat die would dishonor the Whitebeard name.

Remember, we are looking most specifically at your writing samples. Put your best into it! If you tried our test drive meme, you may link the thread to the style it fits below.

First Person/Action brackets:

Right so, the books are worlds, yoi?

So making paper airplanes out of them is probably a bad idea, ne? [HE NEVER WOULD. BOOKS ARE SACRED, EVEN WHEN THEY ARE NOT WORLDS! But he wants to see everyone's reactions. Expect deadpan trolling, but you can see through him and his deadpan. There's an obvious joking lilt to his grin.]

What about cranes? [There's an absolutely evil grin as he produces an origami crane.] A thousand for a wish, I wonder what a thousand pages of someone else's story would create? [He's just begging someone to punch him at this point...]

Third Person/Prose:
"16 men on a deadman's chest," Marco mumbled to himself, sketching out a hopscotch map on the floor in chalk. "And I've been drinking from the broken cup," if asked he would say it was symbolic. Some sort of religious ritual for summoning the devil. Something like that. "Two pairs of pants, and a mohair vest," he began hopping along to make sure the chalk dust didn't instantly disperse or smudge with use. "I'm full of bourbon and I can't stand up."

He switched into a fiery blue bird form, only to shift back to human, balanced on one hand on the first square. "Hey little bird fly away home," he jumped, shifting again back to bird, trying to ascertain the full breadth of his phoenix control here, "Your house is on fire, and your children are alone," he fell down and shook himself out, puffing up the blue feathers, and shuffled off to the side, pretending he meant to do that. Okay, flying was out. Not that there was enough room to safely fly indoors anyway. He might as well have tried to fly inside the Moby Dick. Sure, the corridors were extra large to handle the height and heft of Marco's family, his Pops alone was twenty feet tall, and five men wide, and Jozu and Atomos weren't too far behind, but for all Marco could constrain his size to a large degree, there was still the heat from his flames to account for. Regeneration flames or not, they created weird sort of wind currents, that he could easily understand a library containing books of worlds not wanting to deal with.

Shifting back to a pineapple-headed human, Marco carefully looked for a book on tactics. Arguably, to occupy his time, but realistically, he was trying for the zillionth of times to find a solution to the puzzle that was being cornered on five sides. Playing all sides against each other would only get him so far, and if a single piece broke the trend and allied with one of the other sides, they'd be pretty much screwed. Beat a retreat and leave all islands to fall, or make a final dramatic stand, cutting their losses where they stood? Any way he looked at it, it seemed the Whitebeard pirates were doomed to fall, to be no more. The right hand man of the strongest man in the world, that the world had ever seen, could still only do so much, just as even his father was doomed to fall at some point, even if he had died standing. The memories haunted him, and Marco briefly debated trying to find the Moby Dick book and world. His father would have loved to see that. And it gave him a small bit of comfort to imagine. Marco knew better than anyone that he was just using this place to hide away from dealing with his world's troubles yet. But knowing that, acknowledging that, didn't change anything. He couldn't save his world. Did he even dare to dream he could save others? Especially without the help of his father and family? Maybe. He was Marco the Phoenix, and he was already damned, so no reason to give up now or yet.

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