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[Marco's a little wearier than normal, his voice is composed and deadpan, but his overall amusement is clearly worn a little thin today.]

Thanks to everyone who joined in the dodgeball tournament, eh? It was a lot of fun, and if you missed out, keep an eye on the next S.O.S. Brigade event, I'm sure it'll be a blast. [ooc: It's still going on! Feel free to join in!]

My littlest brother's been taken by the Malnosso, so if anyone's still looking for New Feathers, keep an eye out for Sabo too please. Hopefully he'll be returned soon.

It got me thinking though, about a poem I found by John Donne.

ooc cut for poem )

The smartest woman I've ever known said once that we're all connected here. Friends, allies, or enemies, we do all have in common that we're trapped in this enclosure together, for better or worse. It's something to think about I guess.

It's nice having a lot of books from other worlds to read, eh. Does anyone else have a favorite poem they'd like to share?

[The following is filtered from Ace 75%:]
I have a favor to ask of all the cooks in the village. Or rather, of any of the cooks in the village, or anyone interested. Ace isn't alone in having a rough time here lately, so I'd like to do something to help cheer him and the others up. Sometime before Christmas if we could all throw a feast and come together, I think it'd be good for everyone, eh? We could have cooking contests for amateurs or try new recipes or anything. Anyways, if you think it's a good idea, and you're interested, let me know.
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[Starting from early morning on the 2nd, Sabo, Marco, and Ace are going to be scrambling about through the village, scavenging up hideous curtains and cleaning out the top apartments of CH3. It's practically becoming a procession at this point, with a lot of random junk or other things. And then it just keeps growing, complete with devilish shared glances and swiping flammable things they hope no one will miss from the shops.]

[By mid-day, the beach has a giant pile of junk and Ace is lighting fire to a mattress and a few other things. Screw your permits, this is Burning Man! Which is when Marco will make his announcement to the journal.]

You know those days or months where you're just like "Fuck everything?" Come burn it with us. Anything you don't want clogging up your life. Junk someone left you don't know what to do with, trash you want to give a proper funeral, this is a purging pyre right here. Everyone and everything you want burned is invited.

And bring food.

[You don't have to bring food, but the pirates will love you if you do. You can bring anything you want burned though. Or just come enjoy the wanton destruction and a couple of flamers blowing off literal steam. And if fire isn't your cup of tea, Sabo's there to facepalm with you at his idiot big brothers, even if he loves them anyway.]
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Hello New Feathers! My name is Marco and if you're lost in the forest or don't know how to get back to the village, feel free to give me a little whistle and I'll come flying out there. [If you look into your journals you'll see a fiery blue phoenix with a tattoo on his chest cheerfully grinning back at you.]

I'd also like to draw your attention to the first ever official pirate vs. ninja dodgeball game. ["Official" by him and he has yet to actually full out challenge anyone or make teams. And also how does a phoenix play dodgeball? Good question.] Or maybe I should talk to the S.O.S. Brigade. Okay going on a to-do list.

In the meanwhile I have a treat for anyone interested! I promised a little friend of mine a scavenger hunt, but such a thing is no fun alone without a little competition, eh? There's a prize for the first team to complete it, and your team can be as big as you want, but the prize not fit an especially large team, you're warned now!

Okay here's the list. And Fattycakes, don't forget to ask Buttercup to join in!

Scavenger Hunt List, posted to journals so everyone has a copy if they want )
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[Marco's back to adult and clearly up to something if the way he's tiptoeing around is any indication. He holds up Ace's orange cowboy hat, conspicuously missing red beads and a certain bull-skull medallion. Then he holds up a sparkling pink one, and oh look! There's the beads and smiling & sad medallions! Clashing, but there. He hides the orange hat in a treasure chest and holds up a scrolled up paper -- almost definitely a treasure map -- and closes the journal, putting it on pause for a little bit. A few minutes later, he's sneaking up on a very much asleep Ace and putting the hat on Ace's head.]

Oi Fireworks. Time for food. [Deadpan, purely deadpan.] Oh my. Whatever happened to your poor hat?

[Ace wakes up, takes one look at the hat... and promptly punches Marco in the face. Replies to come from possibly both (separate threads.)]
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[Early Monday morning Marco is finally returned from his kidnapping. A lot tinier.]

[He wakes up by kicking his book open and there's a teeny tiny baby bluebird phoenix cocking an eye at the pages. Hello Luceti. Finally he decides it's just a blank journal so he hops back and goes to take in his surroundings, and checks the area around the fountain very carefully. Wet. Do not want. Well, he's bored now. Time to fly home.]

[That would work a lot better without this creepy added weight. What the hell! NO! HE CAN'T FLY?! So after several jumps, the hand-sized phoenix jumps about and tries to get air. Which much to his dismay, does nothing. With the added new weight of the fake Luceti wings, he can't fly! Eventually he just gives up and starts flailing.]

Pops! Pops! Pops! [There are a few more baby birdie chirps of this.] Uwah brothers! ANYONE! Where are you guys?!

[Walks around and looks distraught.] I must'a hurt my wings. But that makes no sense... because I'm a phoenix. [Sits back down and sulks for now. Oh, look a stranger! He starts to rush to hide behind the fountain, but well, he's not getting anywhere on his own... so he'll have to try something!]

Excuse me! Have you seen anyone really really tall around? Wait. No. What island is this? I don't remember docking? AH! Have you see Edward Newgate; my Pops around? It's really important, yoi! [At which point... he remembers he's a bird. And realizes nothing he said probably came out in human (it all did because lulz Luceti) so just have a deapan baby birdie stare.]

[ooc: replies will come from [personal profile] chibifirebird
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[Marco doesn't have much time left. Honestly, he's surprised he made it this long all told. He knows the droids are after him and they know his barcode enough that flying isn't going to keep him out of harm's way more than a couple of minutes. He doesn't know what to do for Ace or Sabo, he needs to be looking after them, not kidnapped, so he doesn't know what to tell them either. Even just saying they shouldn't worry, he'll be back soon... will make them worry.]

Robin, Law, anyone else who's getting this.

I won't be gone long, I promise. [He will go quietly if they will just return him fast. But if they make him stay long he'll start fighting back, he'll promise them that and swear it on Whitebeard's grave.] Hah, sorry I'm even leaving for this little bit, eh?

But look after my two idiot brothers please. [It seems a stupid thing to ask. They're pretty capable of looking after themselves, Ace was a division commander after all and one of the toughest pirates in the world, and Sabo is definitely smart and street-savvy, and yet... He worries, okay? He's got good reasons.]

And Robin I owe you a dance when I get back. Or you can owe me.

Thanks guys. And look after each other too, eh? [A small laugh, he knows they would even without his suggestion, and he knows they don't "need it," but as he'll always point out, even the world's strongest need help sometimes.]

[Everyone's got about five minutes as he lands, but he might not reply back. He's not so good at goodbyes. And anyways, he'll be back. He's the phoenix. He'll always be back.]
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[Hello Luceti. Hanging out around the Library? Item shop? Food shop? Pretty much wherever you are, you might spot a certain insane poster and the pirate putting it up. All right, who let Marco have some art supplies? Well you're all about to be punished for it, because even if you're a recluse, he makes sure to post it on the journal too.]

ooc cut to save your eyes )

[In a purely deadpan tone Marco switches to showing off a plate of cookies.] Join. We have cookies.

And can anyone tell me about their world's sports? Is Hit & Dead Ball or Dodgeball universal, what about Red and Green Light? If we had a games tournament here, what games would everyone like to see in it? And what kind of rewards?
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[Hark! It's the roar of an angry phoenix in pirate form.]

MY SHAMPOO?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Oh god it's even in my feathers! MY FEATHERS ACE!!! AHHH WHY'D YOU HAVE TO PICK RED?! Even raven black would have been better! I look like I hero-worship Shanks now! I swear when I find you Ace!

[For anyone getting a good look in the journal, Marco's hair has been badly dyed red, oh yeah and he looks every bit as ticked off as he sounds. Later on however, he'll be sporting a fedora to cover up that Akagami-wannabe look, and looking for hair dye remover. Or bleach. Or as a last resort, black hair dye. Anything's better than red with him. He will also be putting up posters: "Ever want to be a pirate? Join the Whitebeards! Limited time offer" though more on that later. And even more than that, a certain usually very blue bird will have a slightly red and purple tinge to his feathers for a little while. So not pleased. Still, he'll be around to help out any New Feathers or someone needing directions to town. And if anything, he arguably looks more like a traditional phoenix. Not that he wants that.]

[Later on that night when he stops trying to beat Ace to a pulp there will be a second very short post.]

Does anyone have hair dye remover, bleach, or something in black? I couldn't find any in the shop. Thanks, eh.
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[After a certain post about a phoenix and his love of flowers, said phoenix is now getting his revenge. Because that is what Whitebeard pirates (arguably) do best.]

[Law, Marco, and Ace all appear to be a bit drunk, but to the well-trained eye, it's pretty clear that one of them is a lot more tipsy than the other two. And given who the other two are; they might be outright faking it.]

OOC cut for picture link heavy )
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Hello New Feathers! My name is Marco. I hope you're all settling in all right! If you're still having problems getting lost in the middle of nowhere, give me a call and I'll be right over to guide you back to town.

For everyone else, I have a friend about my size who's in some desperate need of costumes. I'll take anything you've got. Nurse's uniforms, maid uniforms, marines, chicken costumes, bunny ears, literally anything.

Bonus points if it looks sexy on a guy.

[Believe it or not these really aren't meant for him personally, but feel free to think that.]

All right, thanks in advance!
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You know, I've been wondering this for ages, eh? [Marco is standing on the edge of the roof of Community House building 3, apparently talking to no one (though it is, in fact, the journal and everyone on it, he's just being a little dramatic, currently peering off at the sky and focusing his journal on that view.)]

Does a reputation for something being impossible deter people or just make them want to conquer it more? My home ocean's always had this problem, the New World is flooded with pirates trying to be the best, to do something no one else can lay claim to. Even when it's known as the Pirate Graveyard, it doesn't stop them, millions more just keep rushing to their deaths. [No, nothing morbid about that...]

And yet... my Pops protected islands with almost just his reputation. Because he was the world's strongest. Now that he's gone though... [Now those islands were going to get conquered because of the reputation. Because Whitebeard was gone but his name still had just enough power attached that people would want the fame for having taken something the man once protected.] I guess it has a reputation more like the rest of the New World now.

Having a devil fruit in my world tends to make one considered a monster and scares a lot of people away. But there always someone who wants it, that strength, that power, sometimes they're even willing to go to desperate lengths. [There's a burst of blue flames around Marco's arm as he clenches his fist. That's not for dramatic effect, just thinking too much. It's gone soon however and Marco brings the human arm back to his forehead.] So my question is; does a reputation for power help deter foes or just attract more fights from people who want the strength themselves?

[And on that note, Marco turns the view over to a completely huge version of this flag flying over the rooftop of Community Housing Building 3. Near the bottom are a bunch of empty liquor bottles, occasionally filled with daisies or other white flowers.] It's a little early for my Pops birthday, but keep it in tact Luceti, otherwise I'll be finding out a much more solid answer to my question. [Despite the even deadpan tone throughout all of the post, none of it belying where Marco's true concerns lie, that last part is very clear: touch the memorial to his father and you will have an angry pirate phoenix pecking eyes out. And he doesn't fight fair, then again touching a family member's memorial is sort of a special line to cross to begin with. Though, as his question would suggest; there is always someone who will.]
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Hey. This weather doesn't seem to be letting up at all. And I'm getting pretty worried about any fine-feathered friends out there. [Which thanks to filial wings, could be everybody. Though knowing Marco...]

The wind is bad enough, but this shit sticks in feathers, okay? So if there's anyone outside who needs a warm place, stop by CH 3, room 40. I put a lantern outside the window, just tap if you want in.

And I stocked up sunflower seeds.

[It should also be noted that coming from the New World, Marco expects the ice storm to be pure hell, so his worries are perfectly legit in a place where spoilers: there can be lightning rain, half an island on fire, half of it frozen solid, and so on and so forth.]
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Yo. I'm back. Longest month of my life, including that time I dyed my hair black.

Did anyone remember to water and feed Ace while I was gone? Take him for walks and make sure he got sun and all that?

[There's a pause and the fluttering of wings along with a mutter.] Damn this new book system is strange... [But he speaks back up again trying to sound more chipper.]

So what did I miss? Did the entire landscape change? Any new books about pirates at the library, eh?

[For those who know him well, Marco actually sounds pretty exhausted for a change, and lacking some of his usual ridiculousness.]
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Never coming Down )
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[Marco's trademark pineapple haircut pops into view, but given what he's wearing underneath, it's not so noticeable in comparison. This, with the pink and green splotches, the frills, and yet Marco's usual deadpan face, just makes the whole thing surreal.]

Yo Tavros. Is there a way to speed this up somehow? Or a loophole?

[What. Even.]

Oh... fuck... that went out to everyone didn't it? [He fumbles with the comm and just sighs.] Eh, it's fine. It's all under control. [You keep saying that Marco, you just keep saying that.] So ah... [Quick! Distract them from the apron! MAYBE NO ONE WILL NOTICE.] What's the craziest thing anyone's had to wear for a.... [Well he can't say blackmail soooo...] dare? Anyone? Come on, I could use a crazy story now.

Marco out. [Attempts to pose like a cool guy. And sign out. Yeah, that will make them forget.]
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[In a scene that might be familiar to some, Marco is back in the barn, with five baby chocobo. Not quite so baby now, he might be able to fit one of them in a bag on his back, but not all of them. He can't even fit them all under one wing, but that's all right, the others he's dealing with in different ways. It might not be immediately obvious, but the loss of Ace is hitting him hard. Normally he'd go into a rage to kill things, but he doesn't seem to feel it's worth it.]

Ace's name is up on the memorial wall. He might come back... I hope so.

[There's a much too long pause in which he looks a world away and scoops up a chocobo fitted with a Spade collar.]

Ah so how about some bird jokes, eh?

You've probably all heard this one: Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.
Why didn't the turkey cross the road?
He didn't want to be a chicken.
Why did the ducks cross the road?
To prove they could do it better than the chicken.
Why did the chicken cross the road twice?
It was a double-crosser.
Why did the rooster cross the road?
To prove he wasn't a chicken.

A phoenix walks into a bar filled with a bunch of turkeys. He gives them a polite nod and then buys everyone a round of drinks. They crowd around their new friend and offer some peanuts. "Gobble gobble gobble?" they suggest. "No thanks," he politely declines, "I'm allergic." They offer him pretzels. "Gobble gobble gobble?" He takes a few of those and they continue on for hours. Eventually they run out, and just as he was about to leave, they look him up and down and ask, "Gobble gobble gobble?" He gives them a horrified look and explains, "No way! I'm not into that!"

Why did the marines arrest the turkey?
They brought it on suspicion of fowl play!


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