Sep. 17th, 2011 02:02 pm
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[Marco's voice starts off cheerfully enough.]

Hey everyone, I think I found the place where the cave-in for the train-thing is. The currents here are pretty weird so if we can get ... some ... strong swimmers then...

[He starts trailing off, obviously seeing something.] Pops...? [His voice is quiet, barely audible. It's not possible, he knows it's not, he watched the man die. So it's just like Luffy's food and an illusion. Has to be. But then it gets stronger.] POPS!! [He starts running, sandals hitting the wood of the deck.] Pops... [This time he just sounds anguished. And then suddenly there's a splash. Uh where did Marco go?]
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Has anyone seen my Ace of Spades?

Linda apparently can't find it. She's good at finding other stuff though, but not Rika's crystals. Which is a shame, I was going to hang them up in the windows. Might liven up all the black. [In the background there's the sound of a woman tsking him and reminding him that he gets to decorate the office, not the apartment, so he should suck up and deal because black is the in-thing.]

Yeah, right, anyway. Got in touch with the Sandwich Factory --
[At this, the transmission is interrupted for a loud THWACK! as something loud was thrown and cracked near the communicator.] NOT YOU LINDA. GOD! PUT THE HEELS DOWN! You're worse than Pops' nurses!

[And a loud woman's voice.] WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?

[And anyone who knows Marco might recognized this silence as Marco's usual deadpan thinking up the right thing to say.] Love you baby? [WELL, apparently that worked because the woman devolves into a bunch of coos and purrs.] Right, I'm just going to take that heel now... before you break things. Haha. Wait. What is that on the plate?

Spam on toast with pineapple! It's your favorite!

That's inedible.

[And that would be the sound of Marco getting slapped and the voice wandering away yelling he can get his own damn food then.]

Right. Okay. Yeah. So uh. I guess anyone who finds this not an ordinary day and has lots of missing stuff, check in. Maybe we can find it together with a giant lost and found or something. Thanks.


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