Sep. 17th, 2011 02:02 pm
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[Marco's voice starts off cheerfully enough.]

Hey everyone, I think I found the place where the cave-in for the train-thing is. The currents here are pretty weird so if we can get ... some ... strong swimmers then...

[He starts trailing off, obviously seeing something.] Pops...? [His voice is quiet, barely audible. It's not possible, he knows it's not, he watched the man die. So it's just like Luffy's food and an illusion. Has to be. But then it gets stronger.] POPS!! [He starts running, sandals hitting the wood of the deck.] Pops... [This time he just sounds anguished. And then suddenly there's a splash. Uh where did Marco go?]
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[Hello Fortuna. Those in Spero who are wandering the junkyards might find a certain phoenix handcuffed upside down to a tree, wearing only boxers with little bluebirds on them. Also a sign that reads very clearly in Japanese "This person is bird-brained." Of course being seastone cuffs, said phoenix is stuck as a human, as well as in this awkward position high up in the branches. Oh well, good thing not too many people look up? Or maybe it isn't, given the way Marco keeps trying to figure how to get free without breaking his neck. Moral of the story: don't believe Japan when he says you're going to play a kinky sex game involving handcuffs and heights. That, or don't do a myriad of stupid little things that piss your lover off.

For everyone else though, Marco has been whistling and trying to get birds to help him with the communicator. This didn't work too well so at the moment it's just sitting up in a nest, chilling out while Marco finally gets it to sort of work.]

Oi, can anyone hear this?

[Wait. Who can he even ask for help? Obviously not Ace, Luffy, Eridan, Cube, or anyone he doesn't want to see him in this compromising boxers + sign position. Well... that's limiting.]

I think I need some relationship advice. [Such a pity he can't lock it right now.] Can someone explain the boundaries of a kismesis or really... all of the quadrants? What happens if one spills into the other?

Also. I need black hair dye. [... Is Marco going goth? Don't do it Marco!] If someone could check the item shop or mix up a compound, I'd pretty grateful, eh.

Bushido... I'm sorry. Help me down already, please? [And then Marco THINKS he gets it turned off and grumbles to himself.] Some fucking surprise this is... The first one was a lot better. Like it's my fault Red set her sights on us? Che... So I wanted to help Tatsumi, what's the harm? OI BUSHIDO! I SWEAR I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS! [Yeah it looks like he'll be there for awhile... might as well talk to him, right?]


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