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[The first few times Marco tries to find his voice, he can't. This is what Robin, what everyone tried to warn him about isn't it? And he didn't listen. He always refused. Even if his father had been here and told him the same things, he wouldn't have listened to him either. At first he tries to seek solace in the rooftop, the memorial for his Pops, but today, not even that is enough. Where can he go other than "home?" And home is no longer CH3. It is still Luceti, scattered throughout his loved ones, but other than Leanne, that describe CH3 now.]

[He opens the journal and tries to speak, but he can't. So he winds up writing instead.]

Happy Post-Valentine's Day to anyone. I hope many happy couples found each other and no one was too disrupted.

[His hand shakes, and then clenches and the pen breaks. Too angry, so much rage. He uses the bottom half of the quill as best as he can to write more.]

My little brothers, [A long pause. He looks up at the flag and... it's not enough. Nothing is.] are both gone. Even knowing that every single day they had here was extra time, and as grateful as I am for that, they deserve more. I can't tell you they've gone to a better place, because they haven't.

[The last thing Sabo saw before his death was fire. And Ace died crying and smiling at the same time.]

But they're in good company I guess.

[Good company? He was jealous of them, still, even now. He had a huge fight with Ace about it, but he was jealous. Ace was jealous that Marco could be with the living, and Marco was jealous that Ace could be with the dead, could protect someone he loved that deeply by dying for them, something Marco never could. It was a dumb thing to be jealous about, but even knowing how infantile it was, didn't make it go away. It's a good time to go get a new pen. So Marco jumps down and goes to the item shop, finds a pen and right there, in middle of the shop, sits down on the floor and continues.]

I've lost a lot of nakama before, but Ace's affected me the worst. He brought with him a new era. He saved the man who will be the New Pirate King and renounced the world's idea of villains and heroes. [Marco sets the book and pen down so he won't break them again and it's all bit before he picks them back up.] In legends, phoenixes are supposed to herald the changing of eras, but I hate it. Mankind's eras in my world are tragically majestic things, but what use are they to an individual?

I'm not going back to the apartment for a long time. And I might move when I'm ready. I took the important things with me, but I'm not going back there.

Luceti is still my home. Make no mistake, I'll fight forever for my right to stay and the right for anyone else who wants to stay. I always will. That's who I am.

[He needs to talk to people, to try to comfort them in the wake of Ace's absence, in the wake of Sabo's, but all Marco wants to do is fly away. It's too cowardly though, so he won't. He wants to switch into phoenix form and stop feeling anything, but that's also cowardly and he know Robin's been trying to break him of the habit.]

If you think you can find me, you can try, otherwise, say the word and I'll come find you. No promises about the state I'll be in.

- Marco
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[Marco's a little wearier than normal, his voice is composed and deadpan, but his overall amusement is clearly worn a little thin today.]

Thanks to everyone who joined in the dodgeball tournament, eh? It was a lot of fun, and if you missed out, keep an eye on the next S.O.S. Brigade event, I'm sure it'll be a blast. [ooc: It's still going on! Feel free to join in!]

My littlest brother's been taken by the Malnosso, so if anyone's still looking for New Feathers, keep an eye out for Sabo too please. Hopefully he'll be returned soon.

It got me thinking though, about a poem I found by John Donne.

ooc cut for poem )

The smartest woman I've ever known said once that we're all connected here. Friends, allies, or enemies, we do all have in common that we're trapped in this enclosure together, for better or worse. It's something to think about I guess.

It's nice having a lot of books from other worlds to read, eh. Does anyone else have a favorite poem they'd like to share?

[The following is filtered from Ace 75%:]
I have a favor to ask of all the cooks in the village. Or rather, of any of the cooks in the village, or anyone interested. Ace isn't alone in having a rough time here lately, so I'd like to do something to help cheer him and the others up. Sometime before Christmas if we could all throw a feast and come together, I think it'd be good for everyone, eh? We could have cooking contests for amateurs or try new recipes or anything. Anyways, if you think it's a good idea, and you're interested, let me know.
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[Marco's back to adult and clearly up to something if the way he's tiptoeing around is any indication. He holds up Ace's orange cowboy hat, conspicuously missing red beads and a certain bull-skull medallion. Then he holds up a sparkling pink one, and oh look! There's the beads and smiling & sad medallions! Clashing, but there. He hides the orange hat in a treasure chest and holds up a scrolled up paper -- almost definitely a treasure map -- and closes the journal, putting it on pause for a little bit. A few minutes later, he's sneaking up on a very much asleep Ace and putting the hat on Ace's head.]

Oi Fireworks. Time for food. [Deadpan, purely deadpan.] Oh my. Whatever happened to your poor hat?

[Ace wakes up, takes one look at the hat... and promptly punches Marco in the face. Replies to come from possibly both (separate threads.)]
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[After a certain post about a phoenix and his love of flowers, said phoenix is now getting his revenge. Because that is what Whitebeard pirates (arguably) do best.]

[Law, Marco, and Ace all appear to be a bit drunk, but to the well-trained eye, it's pretty clear that one of them is a lot more tipsy than the other two. And given who the other two are; they might be outright faking it.]

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[In a scene that might be familiar to some, Marco is back in the barn, with five baby chocobo. Not quite so baby now, he might be able to fit one of them in a bag on his back, but not all of them. He can't even fit them all under one wing, but that's all right, the others he's dealing with in different ways. It might not be immediately obvious, but the loss of Ace is hitting him hard. Normally he'd go into a rage to kill things, but he doesn't seem to feel it's worth it.]

Ace's name is up on the memorial wall. He might come back... I hope so.

[There's a much too long pause in which he looks a world away and scoops up a chocobo fitted with a Spade collar.]

Ah so how about some bird jokes, eh?

You've probably all heard this one: Why did the chicken cross the road?
To get to the other side.
Why didn't the turkey cross the road?
He didn't want to be a chicken.
Why did the ducks cross the road?
To prove they could do it better than the chicken.
Why did the chicken cross the road twice?
It was a double-crosser.
Why did the rooster cross the road?
To prove he wasn't a chicken.

A phoenix walks into a bar filled with a bunch of turkeys. He gives them a polite nod and then buys everyone a round of drinks. They crowd around their new friend and offer some peanuts. "Gobble gobble gobble?" they suggest. "No thanks," he politely declines, "I'm allergic." They offer him pretzels. "Gobble gobble gobble?" He takes a few of those and they continue on for hours. Eventually they run out, and just as he was about to leave, they look him up and down and ask, "Gobble gobble gobble?" He gives them a horrified look and explains, "No way! I'm not into that!"

Why did the marines arrest the turkey?
They brought it on suspicion of fowl play!
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Has anyone seen my Ace of Spades?

Linda apparently can't find it. She's good at finding other stuff though, but not Rika's crystals. Which is a shame, I was going to hang them up in the windows. Might liven up all the black. [In the background there's the sound of a woman tsking him and reminding him that he gets to decorate the office, not the apartment, so he should suck up and deal because black is the in-thing.]

Yeah, right, anyway. Got in touch with the Sandwich Factory --
[At this, the transmission is interrupted for a loud THWACK! as something loud was thrown and cracked near the communicator.] NOT YOU LINDA. GOD! PUT THE HEELS DOWN! You're worse than Pops' nurses!

[And a loud woman's voice.] WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?

[And anyone who knows Marco might recognized this silence as Marco's usual deadpan thinking up the right thing to say.] Love you baby? [WELL, apparently that worked because the woman devolves into a bunch of coos and purrs.] Right, I'm just going to take that heel now... before you break things. Haha. Wait. What is that on the plate?

Spam on toast with pineapple! It's your favorite!

That's inedible.

[And that would be the sound of Marco getting slapped and the voice wandering away yelling he can get his own damn food then.]

Right. Okay. Yeah. So uh. I guess anyone who finds this not an ordinary day and has lots of missing stuff, check in. Maybe we can find it together with a giant lost and found or something. Thanks.
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I'm attempting to compile a list of the monsters and/or natural creatures of this place. Thus to anyone who's fought some of the monsters or can offer information about them, I'd appreciate whatever you can share. Then we can keep the notebook in the library for anyone else stuck here later on.

Helpful form though not necessary to use:

Thank you very much to anyone who helps.

Also Ace, I miss Namur. We should adopt a shark and name it after him.


Jan. 1st, 2011 04:30 pm
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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! And to all your drunk hangovers. [Yes, he knows he's loud. And doesn't care. Sneaky advantage of phoenix healing.]

To those of you who know him, as the guy does seem to get around, today is Ace's birthday! [Pans the camera to show off the haphazard, orange and candle decorations strewn about Straw-Hat apartment. Complete with some more doodles and a sort of "Happy Birthday Ace!" banner to coincide with the Luffy and Chopper drawings. Done in crayon of course. Mighty pirates they are.] So if you see him around, remember to give him his birthday punches or kisses, or whatever you lot do.

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[Disoriented Marco is snapping out of his post-chip removal coma and mild bird after affects with his eyes blocked off by one of Nami's bras, an egg safely bundled where he thought the communicator would be, and he's spread out on top of Ace's chest where once a fiery blue phoenix was. You can still still some of the fiery down and sparkles left all over the couch and pillow fort that looks like a nest. After some more scrambling, Marco gets the bra off his head and stares at in his hand, still eternally deadpan even about that.]

Well, must have been one hell of a party. [There's a small burst of blue flames about his arms, as he checks something much to a relieved sigh. Then he notices the egg. And that he's straddling Ace. This one's going to take him a while.]

No, even drunk I'm pretty sure I can't lay eggs. [Carefully inspects it for signs of cracks or life, but really it's just a normal hen egg so he wraps it in a scarf and rubs his chin, back to the mystery of the bra.] Now if I can just figure out who you belong to before Ace wakes up, maybe I can bluff knowing exactly what we did. Or make up something more dramatic.

[And THEN he realizes it's been a couple of days and there's some decorations up.] Shit... how long have I been out? I hope I didn't miss Christmas, I didn't get to ask the scientists for pictures or bounty posters of the crew. [That said, Marco gets distracted with an evil grin and apparently devising a plot to put the bra on Ace. With luck, they were both drunk and Ace remembers even less. Doing SOMETHING with the bra, he finds the communicator and shuts it off.]


Dec. 15th, 2010 06:30 pm
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To one Doctor Tony Tony Chopper,

[Because even though he could just walk the whole room and a half difference, Marco's getting a kick out of doing it all so formerly and getting to enjoy the hyperbolized reactions of Luffy's crew. He also doesn't know how to filter anything so it's out to everyone.]

Regarding the seastone-like chips Ace and others have mentioned, I have been unable to locate it on my own and would like to please formally request your services, whatever the charge may be.

Thank you very much,
From Marco.

To everyone else out there; what's a good source of meat in this place? There's no seakings to fish and I swear those two brothers could out-eat Atomos and Joz combined. And they're not even a third their size. [Laughs cheerfully even though no one will get that.] Any information would be greatly appreciated and if services are required as payment, I'll offer what I can when my chip's out. Oh, but nothing ostrich-sized for birds, eh? Too creepy. Thanks!


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