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[Starting from early morning on the 2nd, Sabo, Marco, and Ace are going to be scrambling about through the village, scavenging up hideous curtains and cleaning out the top apartments of CH3. It's practically becoming a procession at this point, with a lot of random junk or other things. And then it just keeps growing, complete with devilish shared glances and swiping flammable things they hope no one will miss from the shops.]

[By mid-day, the beach has a giant pile of junk and Ace is lighting fire to a mattress and a few other things. Screw your permits, this is Burning Man! Which is when Marco will make his announcement to the journal.]

You know those days or months where you're just like "Fuck everything?" Come burn it with us. Anything you don't want clogging up your life. Junk someone left you don't know what to do with, trash you want to give a proper funeral, this is a purging pyre right here. Everyone and everything you want burned is invited.

And bring food.

[You don't have to bring food, but the pirates will love you if you do. You can bring anything you want burned though. Or just come enjoy the wanton destruction and a couple of flamers blowing off literal steam. And if fire isn't your cup of tea, Sabo's there to facepalm with you at his idiot big brothers, even if he loves them anyway.]


Jan. 1st, 2011 04:30 pm
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HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! And to all your drunk hangovers. [Yes, he knows he's loud. And doesn't care. Sneaky advantage of phoenix healing.]

To those of you who know him, as the guy does seem to get around, today is Ace's birthday! [Pans the camera to show off the haphazard, orange and candle decorations strewn about Straw-Hat apartment. Complete with some more doodles and a sort of "Happy Birthday Ace!" banner to coincide with the Luffy and Chopper drawings. Done in crayon of course. Mighty pirates they are.] So if you see him around, remember to give him his birthday punches or kisses, or whatever you lot do.



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