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First order of business, the trolls don't have Halloween in their world. Thus I'm inviting any of you who would find it fun to come trick or treating. That said, I suggest everyone try to find treats for them unless you want to experience the full weight of troll tricks. Eridan, Karkat, Tavros, Sabo, Vriska, Gamzee, and anyone else under 18 who wants to go trick or treating; you need a costume. If you want ideas, ask me or ask around for suggestions.

Also these are the remaining commander drawings I promised Hong Kong a while ago.
an IC cut for once. 8 ridiculous stick figures ahead + descriptions of his family. )
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[Not that Marco's had a lot of free time on his hands. And part of him still wonders how the fuck he wound up as first mate to Ace. Not that he minds, he'd follow Ace to the ends of the world and back, and Ace is a good captain, but still, Marco is not used to this. ANYWAY. All that means that sometime while out on Spero's rooftops (making sure they don't collapse) he started doodling. Because Doc isn't there to do it and he left the wall back on the school in Discedo... doh. Anyways, he's half mumbling to himself, half to his communicator.]

16 divisions of one hundred men each, 16 commanders to rule them. Over the years we went through several different commanders for the divisions. Sometimes they'd get old and retire, sometimes natural deaths took its toll. Either way, even though there were different commanders to the position, these are the ones who only seem to really stick in my mind.

ooc cut because it's a long list + weird weird pics ) The other 8 will have to come later because I have to go hunting.


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