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[Marco's a little wearier than normal, his voice is composed and deadpan, but his overall amusement is clearly worn a little thin today.]

Thanks to everyone who joined in the dodgeball tournament, eh? It was a lot of fun, and if you missed out, keep an eye on the next S.O.S. Brigade event, I'm sure it'll be a blast. [ooc: It's still going on! Feel free to join in!]

My littlest brother's been taken by the Malnosso, so if anyone's still looking for New Feathers, keep an eye out for Sabo too please. Hopefully he'll be returned soon.

It got me thinking though, about a poem I found by John Donne.

ooc cut for poem )

The smartest woman I've ever known said once that we're all connected here. Friends, allies, or enemies, we do all have in common that we're trapped in this enclosure together, for better or worse. It's something to think about I guess.

It's nice having a lot of books from other worlds to read, eh. Does anyone else have a favorite poem they'd like to share?

[The following is filtered from Ace 75%:]
I have a favor to ask of all the cooks in the village. Or rather, of any of the cooks in the village, or anyone interested. Ace isn't alone in having a rough time here lately, so I'd like to do something to help cheer him and the others up. Sometime before Christmas if we could all throw a feast and come together, I think it'd be good for everyone, eh? We could have cooking contests for amateurs or try new recipes or anything. Anyways, if you think it's a good idea, and you're interested, let me know.
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[Marco doesn't have much time left. Honestly, he's surprised he made it this long all told. He knows the droids are after him and they know his barcode enough that flying isn't going to keep him out of harm's way more than a couple of minutes. He doesn't know what to do for Ace or Sabo, he needs to be looking after them, not kidnapped, so he doesn't know what to tell them either. Even just saying they shouldn't worry, he'll be back soon... will make them worry.]

Robin, Law, anyone else who's getting this.

I won't be gone long, I promise. [He will go quietly if they will just return him fast. But if they make him stay long he'll start fighting back, he'll promise them that and swear it on Whitebeard's grave.] Hah, sorry I'm even leaving for this little bit, eh?

But look after my two idiot brothers please. [It seems a stupid thing to ask. They're pretty capable of looking after themselves, Ace was a division commander after all and one of the toughest pirates in the world, and Sabo is definitely smart and street-savvy, and yet... He worries, okay? He's got good reasons.]

And Robin I owe you a dance when I get back. Or you can owe me.

Thanks guys. And look after each other too, eh? [A small laugh, he knows they would even without his suggestion, and he knows they don't "need it," but as he'll always point out, even the world's strongest need help sometimes.]

[Everyone's got about five minutes as he lands, but he might not reply back. He's not so good at goodbyes. And anyways, he'll be back. He's the phoenix. He'll always be back.]


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