Mar. 7th, 2019 11:42 am
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This will be seriously slow going, because he's in 3 comms and I'm bad at HTML. ANYWAYS Here goes nothing, starting fresh on DW

Not everyone has been added, nothing to do with strong impressions, but simply because I'm slow, and Marco gets around a lot. If you want to be added LEAVE A COMMENT! \o/ Ditto on updating it.

Marco chilling with his peeps:


Witchesreign )

Discedo )

Luceti )
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[Hey Luceti, have you ever seen a bird fly hard into a closed window?]

[Because that is exactly what a certain pissed off phoenix is basically doing with the barrier. First he just throws his whole body at it, which makes a sickening cracking sound a little like a bird slammed into a window. Sparkles and blue feathers going flying as Marco gets thrown straight back only to make a sharp dive and try again.]

[This goes on a few more times before Marco gives up and switches to human.]


[Then he starts throwing kicks at it as hard and quickly as he can. This was not bright.]

[Seriously not bright.]

[Because each kick gets thrown right back at his head.]

[After a few more of these, a camera flash or two from Law to the side, Marco appears somewhat satisfied with kicking himself in the bloody blue sparkly face.]

I get the feeling this is harder on the inside than outside, yoi.

I have no idea what to do with those points.

[Other than a present for Robin... whenever both their tempers calm down.]
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[Wow, this is a lot of people. Marco gives up fighting his way through the crowd and just switches to hovering. Don't mind the half phoenix, half man above you, okay? He's relatively tame...ish. After flitting about for a little though, he gets tired of trying to spot everyone through the crowd.]

[He gives a sharp piercing whistle and yells out loudly:]


[One might wonder why he's calling his own name, but he's trying to see who will call back Polo. For science! Or you know, so he knows who will be interesting to go fly down to.]

[And later on, he'll be playing hopscotch, and that night he'll be hanging out on the roof of CH3 drinking and saying a toast to his father's memorial. Anyone care to join him?]
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Yo. I'm back. Longest month of my life, including that time I dyed my hair black.

Did anyone remember to water and feed Ace while I was gone? Take him for walks and make sure he got sun and all that?

[There's a pause and the fluttering of wings along with a mutter.] Damn this new book system is strange... [But he speaks back up again trying to sound more chipper.]

So what did I miss? Did the entire landscape change? Any new books about pirates at the library, eh?

[For those who know him well, Marco actually sounds pretty exhausted for a change, and lacking some of his usual ridiculousness.]


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