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Jan. 7th, 2011 03:18 am
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[Even though Marco's showy, he's normally a bit more careful about avoiding displaying the blue flames. Still, there's a quick glimpse of him playing with them on his arm, clearly relieved to have his chip out, before noticing the camera is on and they go instantly out like a light.]

Hey Straw-Hat, how would you like to go flying? [There's a sneaky grin on his face, but he doesn't seem to mean throwing Luffy off a building at least.]

For everyone else out there, are there any flying monsters in this place? That or a dome cap people should beware of? If anyone knows, it'd be appreciated.

And Freckles, no worries, I'll bring your brother back in one piece, though probably not with One Piece. [Har. Har.]
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[Disoriented Marco is snapping out of his post-chip removal coma and mild bird after affects with his eyes blocked off by one of Nami's bras, an egg safely bundled where he thought the communicator would be, and he's spread out on top of Ace's chest where once a fiery blue phoenix was. You can still still some of the fiery down and sparkles left all over the couch and pillow fort that looks like a nest. After some more scrambling, Marco gets the bra off his head and stares at in his hand, still eternally deadpan even about that.]

Well, must have been one hell of a party. [There's a small burst of blue flames about his arms, as he checks something much to a relieved sigh. Then he notices the egg. And that he's straddling Ace. This one's going to take him a while.]

No, even drunk I'm pretty sure I can't lay eggs. [Carefully inspects it for signs of cracks or life, but really it's just a normal hen egg so he wraps it in a scarf and rubs his chin, back to the mystery of the bra.] Now if I can just figure out who you belong to before Ace wakes up, maybe I can bluff knowing exactly what we did. Or make up something more dramatic.

[And THEN he realizes it's been a couple of days and there's some decorations up.] Shit... how long have I been out? I hope I didn't miss Christmas, I didn't get to ask the scientists for pictures or bounty posters of the crew. [That said, Marco gets distracted with an evil grin and apparently devising a plot to put the bra on Ace. With luck, they were both drunk and Ace remembers even less. Doing SOMETHING with the bra, he finds the communicator and shuts it off.]


Dec. 15th, 2010 06:30 pm
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To one Doctor Tony Tony Chopper,

[Because even though he could just walk the whole room and a half difference, Marco's getting a kick out of doing it all so formerly and getting to enjoy the hyperbolized reactions of Luffy's crew. He also doesn't know how to filter anything so it's out to everyone.]

Regarding the seastone-like chips Ace and others have mentioned, I have been unable to locate it on my own and would like to please formally request your services, whatever the charge may be.

Thank you very much,
From Marco.

To everyone else out there; what's a good source of meat in this place? There's no seakings to fish and I swear those two brothers could out-eat Atomos and Joz combined. And they're not even a third their size. [Laughs cheerfully even though no one will get that.] Any information would be greatly appreciated and if services are required as payment, I'll offer what I can when my chip's out. Oh, but nothing ostrich-sized for birds, eh? Too creepy. Thanks!


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