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I'm attempting to compile a list of the monsters and/or natural creatures of this place. Thus to anyone who's fought some of the monsters or can offer information about them, I'd appreciate whatever you can share. Then we can keep the notebook in the library for anyone else stuck here later on.

Helpful form though not necessary to use:

Thank you very much to anyone who helps.

Also Ace, I miss Namur. We should adopt a shark and name it after him.

5 - [Video]

Jan. 7th, 2011 03:18 am
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[Even though Marco's showy, he's normally a bit more careful about avoiding displaying the blue flames. Still, there's a quick glimpse of him playing with them on his arm, clearly relieved to have his chip out, before noticing the camera is on and they go instantly out like a light.]

Hey Straw-Hat, how would you like to go flying? [There's a sneaky grin on his face, but he doesn't seem to mean throwing Luffy off a building at least.]

For everyone else out there, are there any flying monsters in this place? That or a dome cap people should beware of? If anyone knows, it'd be appreciated.

And Freckles, no worries, I'll bring your brother back in one piece, though probably not with One Piece. [Har. Har.]


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