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[Marco is chilling out on the roof of what used to be the Straw Hat house. He's not sure what it is anymore. They're all scattered, through different worlds, different times, lost and confused. Marco is too, really, if he's honest with himself. So, as he often does during such things, he surrounded himself with fellow birds. This, if anything, however, just created more juxtaposition of the very question he was trying to hide from. A bird, but not a bird. A friend, but not a friend. An ally? A guardian? Of who, of what? The changing of eras? What did it mean? What did it matter? He was a bird separated from his flock, and indeed, everyone in Luceti was to some degree or another. So sometime during twilight, he opens up the journal, still on the roof with a couple dozen birds, and poses a question to Luceti at large. A question? No, more like a dozen.]

What does it mean to be a monster?

My father once said a man's worth can only be measured by those he cherishes and who cherish him in return. He adopted a bunch of worthless pirates and gave us worth because we became his treasure, so he was ours.

None of us matched. During all that illusion crap, a lot of people got to understand, I suppose, what I've been lucky enough to have for decades. Family just for the sake of wanting to be. My family are all pirates. From my father, our captain, to every last brother. For that, there is rarely a soul in the world who doesn't hate us. We're outnumbered all over the world, between the world government, Kaidou, Big Mam, to slavers like Joker, or idiots we kicked out of the New World and sent packing like Crocodile.

Piracy is a fickle thing, eh? Everyone has some strong ideas of what it means. I don't care when other people call me a monster, or when I'm hated, because I'm always in the best of company. Two decades ago, I would have taken being called that with pride. My friends are all monsters, and being like them is a compliment. And while I know I'm nothing like Kaidou, or Joker, and Teach and Crocodile can go fuck themselves, they laugh at my father's idea of piracy as much as I scoff at theirs. They think piracy should be about power or money, or security, rather than the exact opposite. Two eras ago by my world's time, piracy was about freedom and camaraderie. Freedom from a judgmental society and their restrictions and rules. Freedom from things like blood lines or having someone else decide for you when you would grow up or how. And the only rule was to never hurt a fellow nakama.

I consider pirates who don't get that to be worthless fools, because their allies and friends aren't always their first priority, but even idiots like the Third Party have friends and people who share their ideals. Is it really just that I value my family over obfuscated ideals that makes me better than them? Or is just a style preference? That I'll kick an enemy in the face, but I'll never bother pretending to befriend someone to get close enough to stab them in the back. There are many who would say "whatever works," and I never really thought myself one to give a damn about morals. After all, I'm a monster, eh? But then perhaps, even I have lines I won't cross, and won't forgive.

Sorry, I suppose I've just been rambling. It's been on my mind, and you'd be amazed how much spending a week trying to get people to hear your voice makes you want to use it when you get it back. I'm Marco, and if you're a new feather, just give a little whistle, and I'll come flying if you're lost, eh.
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[Marco doesn't have much time left. Honestly, he's surprised he made it this long all told. He knows the droids are after him and they know his barcode enough that flying isn't going to keep him out of harm's way more than a couple of minutes. He doesn't know what to do for Ace or Sabo, he needs to be looking after them, not kidnapped, so he doesn't know what to tell them either. Even just saying they shouldn't worry, he'll be back soon... will make them worry.]

Robin, Law, anyone else who's getting this.

I won't be gone long, I promise. [He will go quietly if they will just return him fast. But if they make him stay long he'll start fighting back, he'll promise them that and swear it on Whitebeard's grave.] Hah, sorry I'm even leaving for this little bit, eh?

But look after my two idiot brothers please. [It seems a stupid thing to ask. They're pretty capable of looking after themselves, Ace was a division commander after all and one of the toughest pirates in the world, and Sabo is definitely smart and street-savvy, and yet... He worries, okay? He's got good reasons.]

And Robin I owe you a dance when I get back. Or you can owe me.

Thanks guys. And look after each other too, eh? [A small laugh, he knows they would even without his suggestion, and he knows they don't "need it," but as he'll always point out, even the world's strongest need help sometimes.]

[Everyone's got about five minutes as he lands, but he might not reply back. He's not so good at goodbyes. And anyways, he'll be back. He's the phoenix. He'll always be back.]
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Did you know there's a bird of prey called a secretary bird for how ridiculous it looks? It's actually extremely dangerous though. Its legs are so powerful that rather than divebombing enemy like a falcon or eagle or strange bird pinky -- [Wait, what was that last one? Yeah screw your normal birds, One Piece has weird things as you might know from the rapahn.] -- Instead a secretary bird uses its wings for balance and kicks snakes to death. For fun since snakes are shitty prey. I always thought that was a pretty cool fighting style.

Speaking of birds of prey, can anyone tell me more about birds in their world? Or mythological ones? Phoenixes, dragons, rocs, thunderbirds, anything like that, eh?

We're about 2 days out of Discedo now, and I've decided to completely map out the lake for Kiku's map program, eh. There are plenty of explorers in my world, technically the first pirate king started out that way even. But I'm wondering about everyone else's explorers. Is the world you come from all explored? Who first ventured to those far unknown reaches? Come on, I'm sure at least some of you have that adventurer's blood in your veins, eh?

Oh, and everyone in Spero, don't forget Ace is captain!


Apr. 19th, 2011 01:12 pm
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[And now for something completely different. Now that they're all back and settled, Marco has his phoenix half back and he missed it. Maybe a little too much. With the cold weather and snow he's too sleepy to be bothered running around like an anarchist. Nope, instead, there's a fiery blue phoenix curled up around a family of baby chocobo. And then the phoenix is just Marco, still covered in fiery blue sparkly flames and fiddling with the communicator seeing that it's already on.]

Mah... annoying thing. Well whatever, these little guys had their Mom eaten so uh... [Gee, how does a tough pirate guy explain that he's adopting a bunch of baby birds?] I'm keeping them warm until the snow's over, eh? Fuck it's cold. If anyone needs me, I'm out here. [And screw it, he's just switching back into phoenix to cuddle some birdies and make a haphazard nest in the straw.]
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[You are all being treated to the view of a pineapple behind a shower curtain, apparently scrubbing and singing. Occasionally singing in bird and whistling. You can hear some snickering and poorly hidden laughter as the cameraman barely contains himself. And there's some blue fiery feathers flying and the pineapple turns into A BIRD. It's like a magic show. With music. And now there's squawking and chirping for singing and more splashing about. And just as you might be wondering why this is all being recorded, the pirate gets out of the shower and you're treated to the view of a phoenix staring deadpan at the cameraman. Oops.]

"Talk about a birdbath... how bout you turn back to human and give the ladies a real show eh?" [Oh how Ace laughs. As tempted as the bird might be to do just that, he favors attempting to tackle the freckled brat instead.]

"Oh shi-" [And just like that, the camera tilts and shuts off.]


Mar. 2nd, 2011 11:59 pm
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[This is what a moulting blue phoenix looks like. Marco is less than thrilled with life, and after constantly dealing with the feeling of being in water and drowning (which really sucks for someone who is cursed to always drown/never be able to swim in deep enough water or ocean) he decided at least flying might lessen it. This only makes him run into more flying fish so after being literally knocked out of flight, scrambling for his communicator and accidentally turning it on, he makes a hasty landing, shedding little blue sparkly seemingly "burning" feathers of sky blue flames and scowling, perches on a roof before switching into his human self.]

You know, when I said "Let's adopt a shark, Ace" this is not at all what I meant. Too bad there aren't many dogs with mustaches around.

Makes me wish I could take Freckle's route and sleep for a week. [Mutters darkly.] Maybe then this whole shedding thing will be done with too.

5 - [Video]

Jan. 7th, 2011 03:18 am
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[Even though Marco's showy, he's normally a bit more careful about avoiding displaying the blue flames. Still, there's a quick glimpse of him playing with them on his arm, clearly relieved to have his chip out, before noticing the camera is on and they go instantly out like a light.]

Hey Straw-Hat, how would you like to go flying? [There's a sneaky grin on his face, but he doesn't seem to mean throwing Luffy off a building at least.]

For everyone else out there, are there any flying monsters in this place? That or a dome cap people should beware of? If anyone knows, it'd be appreciated.

And Freckles, no worries, I'll bring your brother back in one piece, though probably not with One Piece. [Har. Har.]
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[Disoriented Marco is snapping out of his post-chip removal coma and mild bird after affects with his eyes blocked off by one of Nami's bras, an egg safely bundled where he thought the communicator would be, and he's spread out on top of Ace's chest where once a fiery blue phoenix was. You can still still some of the fiery down and sparkles left all over the couch and pillow fort that looks like a nest. After some more scrambling, Marco gets the bra off his head and stares at in his hand, still eternally deadpan even about that.]

Well, must have been one hell of a party. [There's a small burst of blue flames about his arms, as he checks something much to a relieved sigh. Then he notices the egg. And that he's straddling Ace. This one's going to take him a while.]

No, even drunk I'm pretty sure I can't lay eggs. [Carefully inspects it for signs of cracks or life, but really it's just a normal hen egg so he wraps it in a scarf and rubs his chin, back to the mystery of the bra.] Now if I can just figure out who you belong to before Ace wakes up, maybe I can bluff knowing exactly what we did. Or make up something more dramatic.

[And THEN he realizes it's been a couple of days and there's some decorations up.] Shit... how long have I been out? I hope I didn't miss Christmas, I didn't get to ask the scientists for pictures or bounty posters of the crew. [That said, Marco gets distracted with an evil grin and apparently devising a plot to put the bra on Ace. With luck, they were both drunk and Ace remembers even less. Doing SOMETHING with the bra, he finds the communicator and shuts it off.]


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