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Yo. I'm back. Longest month of my life, including that time I dyed my hair black.

Did anyone remember to water and feed Ace while I was gone? Take him for walks and make sure he got sun and all that?

[There's a pause and the fluttering of wings along with a mutter.] Damn this new book system is strange... [But he speaks back up again trying to sound more chipper.]

So what did I miss? Did the entire landscape change? Any new books about pirates at the library, eh?

[For those who know him well, Marco actually sounds pretty exhausted for a change, and lacking some of his usual ridiculousness.]
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Hey look everyone! Check out what I found at the hospital!

EYEPATCHES. I guess they got left behind since they aren't all that useful, but still, pretty spiffy, eh? [And he shows one off. The nice black one, not the gauzey once-white, now gross one. There's a few others in the background of the once-hospital room. Kind of more like a supply closet, and it's lit up with eerie blue flames.]

Anyone want one? They might be useful for exploring lots of ruins or caves or whatever. And I'm told they're the height of fashion.

[Height of fashion where exactly? Because pirates with eyepatches on the grand line are few and far between, but ah well whatever. Free stuff.] I'll even draw on little symbols if you want. [And if you don't give him requests, they will have his tattoo marked on all of them....]


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