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[So while crazy shit and drama goes down, Marco who can never be called undramatic, has amped that drama up to twelve. And he is giving rooftop performances of booming song! Aww, isn't that nice of him? Too bad it is literally at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.]

Oh what a beautiful morning!!
Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Everything's going my way~!

[And without switching a beat he switches right into something else.]

Love lifts us up where we belong!
Where eagles fly! On a mountain high!

[Annnnd another.]

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!
If you can use some exotic booze,
There's a bar in far Bombay!
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!

[And with that he dances about on the rooftop of CH3, showing off his recently returned flag and the stack of booze bottles with white flowers that he made a memorial. Well, he certainly seems like he's in a good mood at least.]


[And loud. So loud. It's too early for this. Someone shut him up.]

Ah, I need something stronger to show my love! [No. Really. He Does not.] Would that I could sing flowers everywhere -- AH! Or perhaps-? [He cheerfully whistles to try to get the birds to join him, and even the birds join in a few rounds of telling him to shut the heck up, because he's going to scare the worms.] No one understands Spring like a trapped phoenix. [Woe is him.]


Mar. 28th, 2011 10:56 pm
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Hey Doc, I'm coming over to your place, just so you know. [Why yes, that does almost sound like a date or something. Seeing as it's Marco and really who knows what he's thinking. Also the disadvantage to being a sketchy doctor is that you get bugged as bizarre as hell hours.]

Ace, Luffy, I'm going to the Doc's. Though while I remember, how hard would it be to sail or fly out to Spero? Seifer that goes for you too. If you know.

Oh, and do we need any food or something? I hate this time of year. I always get so peckish. [Bird jokes. In deadpan. Yes.]

Well, anything else I should get let me know.

And for the rest of you Discedo, what is your favorite time of year? Do certain seasons affect you in any special way?s


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