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[Marco's back to adult and clearly up to something if the way he's tiptoeing around is any indication. He holds up Ace's orange cowboy hat, conspicuously missing red beads and a certain bull-skull medallion. Then he holds up a sparkling pink one, and oh look! There's the beads and smiling & sad medallions! Clashing, but there. He hides the orange hat in a treasure chest and holds up a scrolled up paper -- almost definitely a treasure map -- and closes the journal, putting it on pause for a little bit. A few minutes later, he's sneaking up on a very much asleep Ace and putting the hat on Ace's head.]

Oi Fireworks. Time for food. [Deadpan, purely deadpan.] Oh my. Whatever happened to your poor hat?

[Ace wakes up, takes one look at the hat... and promptly punches Marco in the face. Replies to come from possibly both (separate threads.)]
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You know, I've been wondering this for ages, eh? [Marco is standing on the edge of the roof of Community House building 3, apparently talking to no one (though it is, in fact, the journal and everyone on it, he's just being a little dramatic, currently peering off at the sky and focusing his journal on that view.)]

Does a reputation for something being impossible deter people or just make them want to conquer it more? My home ocean's always had this problem, the New World is flooded with pirates trying to be the best, to do something no one else can lay claim to. Even when it's known as the Pirate Graveyard, it doesn't stop them, millions more just keep rushing to their deaths. [No, nothing morbid about that...]

And yet... my Pops protected islands with almost just his reputation. Because he was the world's strongest. Now that he's gone though... [Now those islands were going to get conquered because of the reputation. Because Whitebeard was gone but his name still had just enough power attached that people would want the fame for having taken something the man once protected.] I guess it has a reputation more like the rest of the New World now.

Having a devil fruit in my world tends to make one considered a monster and scares a lot of people away. But there always someone who wants it, that strength, that power, sometimes they're even willing to go to desperate lengths. [There's a burst of blue flames around Marco's arm as he clenches his fist. That's not for dramatic effect, just thinking too much. It's gone soon however and Marco brings the human arm back to his forehead.] So my question is; does a reputation for power help deter foes or just attract more fights from people who want the strength themselves?

[And on that note, Marco turns the view over to a completely huge version of this flag flying over the rooftop of Community Housing Building 3. Near the bottom are a bunch of empty liquor bottles, occasionally filled with daisies or other white flowers.] It's a little early for my Pops birthday, but keep it in tact Luceti, otherwise I'll be finding out a much more solid answer to my question. [Despite the even deadpan tone throughout all of the post, none of it belying where Marco's true concerns lie, that last part is very clear: touch the memorial to his father and you will have an angry pirate phoenix pecking eyes out. And he doesn't fight fair, then again touching a family member's memorial is sort of a special line to cross to begin with. Though, as his question would suggest; there is always someone who will.]


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