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[Early Monday morning Marco is finally returned from his kidnapping. A lot tinier.]

[He wakes up by kicking his book open and there's a teeny tiny baby bluebird phoenix cocking an eye at the pages. Hello Luceti. Finally he decides it's just a blank journal so he hops back and goes to take in his surroundings, and checks the area around the fountain very carefully. Wet. Do not want. Well, he's bored now. Time to fly home.]

[That would work a lot better without this creepy added weight. What the hell! NO! HE CAN'T FLY?! So after several jumps, the hand-sized phoenix jumps about and tries to get air. Which much to his dismay, does nothing. With the added new weight of the fake Luceti wings, he can't fly! Eventually he just gives up and starts flailing.]

Pops! Pops! Pops! [There are a few more baby birdie chirps of this.] Uwah brothers! ANYONE! Where are you guys?!

[Walks around and looks distraught.] I must'a hurt my wings. But that makes no sense... because I'm a phoenix. [Sits back down and sulks for now. Oh, look a stranger! He starts to rush to hide behind the fountain, but well, he's not getting anywhere on his own... so he'll have to try something!]

Excuse me! Have you seen anyone really really tall around? Wait. No. What island is this? I don't remember docking? AH! Have you see Edward Newgate; my Pops around? It's really important, yoi! [At which point... he remembers he's a bird. And realizes nothing he said probably came out in human (it all did because lulz Luceti) so just have a deapan baby birdie stare.]

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