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2030-02-27 06:05 pm
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Questions, comments, annoyances with me overusing "eh" to the point that you can never get Canadian Bacon, maple syrup loving Marco out of your head and would like me to stop? Leave it here!

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Silly headcanon and other things:

WR Nightmares Event Part 1 -- canon rehash
WR Nightmares Event Part 2 -- yes it is that dark.
IC Inbox / Appointment Post -- 3.0 Since the other two got filled-ish
TL;DR CR Chart -- Always outdated but comment to be added if you wish
Autograph Book -- Luceti only
Memory Event Links/Write-ups -- some with canon, some like the WR Nightmares and rehashes.
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2029-04-14 10:37 pm
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Marco can be a pain in the butt. He's a deadpan troll, he's a liar, he's a lot of things, and not everyone has the time or inclination to deal with that!


If for any reason you ever feel uncomfortable, or really for ANY REASON AT ALL, you can opt out of getting tags from him right here!

You may also request to opt-out of specific plots, spoilers, details, or any other effects if you have certain things that trigger or bother you!

My only request is don't sign up to opt-out unless you mean it! Once you say "don't tag me" I won't!

Screening is on, but please remember to give the characters you want Marco to avoid and/or any specific aspects of interactions you wish avoided!
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2019-03-07 11:42 am


This will be seriously slow going, because he's in 3 comms and I'm bad at HTML. ANYWAYS Here goes nothing, starting fresh on DW

Not everyone has been added, nothing to do with strong impressions, but simply because I'm slow, and Marco gets around a lot. If you want to be added LEAVE A COMMENT! \o/ Ditto on updating it.

Marco chilling with his peeps:


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2018-02-11 11:00 pm
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We are Family I got all my brothers and me! / High Seas CR

High Seas CR Chart!

Comment here with a bracket: < and I'll TL;DR about Marco's current view of them. And maybe a theme song. No promises.
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2014-04-14 10:59 pm
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Letters from Xifer

A series of correspondence letters between a phoenix and his boy.
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2013-09-30 01:29 am

At the Barrier's Edge / Video

[Hey Luceti, have you ever seen a bird fly hard into a closed window?]

[Because that is exactly what a certain pissed off phoenix is basically doing with the barrier. First he just throws his whole body at it, which makes a sickening cracking sound a little like a bird slammed into a window. Sparkles and blue feathers going flying as Marco gets thrown straight back only to make a sharp dive and try again.]

[This goes on a few more times before Marco gives up and switches to human.]


[Then he starts throwing kicks at it as hard and quickly as he can. This was not bright.]

[Seriously not bright.]

[Because each kick gets thrown right back at his head.]

[After a few more of these, a camera flash or two from Law to the side, Marco appears somewhat satisfied with kicking himself in the bloody blue sparkly face.]

I get the feeling this is harder on the inside than outside, yoi.

I have no idea what to do with those points.

[Other than a present for Robin... whenever both their tempers calm down.]
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2013-09-12 03:35 am

[Voice] / Question for the masses

[Marco is chilling out on the roof of what used to be the Straw Hat house. He's not sure what it is anymore. They're all scattered, through different worlds, different times, lost and confused. Marco is too, really, if he's honest with himself. So, as he often does during such things, he surrounded himself with fellow birds. This, if anything, however, just created more juxtaposition of the very question he was trying to hide from. A bird, but not a bird. A friend, but not a friend. An ally? A guardian? Of who, of what? The changing of eras? What did it mean? What did it matter? He was a bird separated from his flock, and indeed, everyone in Luceti was to some degree or another. So sometime during twilight, he opens up the journal, still on the roof with a couple dozen birds, and poses a question to Luceti at large. A question? No, more like a dozen.]

What does it mean to be a monster?

My father once said a man's worth can only be measured by those he cherishes and who cherish him in return. He adopted a bunch of worthless pirates and gave us worth because we became his treasure, so he was ours.

None of us matched. During all that illusion crap, a lot of people got to understand, I suppose, what I've been lucky enough to have for decades. Family just for the sake of wanting to be. My family are all pirates. From my father, our captain, to every last brother. For that, there is rarely a soul in the world who doesn't hate us. We're outnumbered all over the world, between the world government, Kaidou, Big Mam, to slavers like Joker, or idiots we kicked out of the New World and sent packing like Crocodile.

Piracy is a fickle thing, eh? Everyone has some strong ideas of what it means. I don't care when other people call me a monster, or when I'm hated, because I'm always in the best of company. Two decades ago, I would have taken being called that with pride. My friends are all monsters, and being like them is a compliment. And while I know I'm nothing like Kaidou, or Joker, and Teach and Crocodile can go fuck themselves, they laugh at my father's idea of piracy as much as I scoff at theirs. They think piracy should be about power or money, or security, rather than the exact opposite. Two eras ago by my world's time, piracy was about freedom and camaraderie. Freedom from a judgmental society and their restrictions and rules. Freedom from things like blood lines or having someone else decide for you when you would grow up or how. And the only rule was to never hurt a fellow nakama.

I consider pirates who don't get that to be worthless fools, because their allies and friends aren't always their first priority, but even idiots like the Third Party have friends and people who share their ideals. Is it really just that I value my family over obfuscated ideals that makes me better than them? Or is just a style preference? That I'll kick an enemy in the face, but I'll never bother pretending to befriend someone to get close enough to stab them in the back. There are many who would say "whatever works," and I never really thought myself one to give a damn about morals. After all, I'm a monster, eh? But then perhaps, even I have lines I won't cross, and won't forgive.

Sorry, I suppose I've just been rambling. It's been on my mind, and you'd be amazed how much spending a week trying to get people to hear your voice makes you want to use it when you get it back. I'm Marco, and if you're a new feather, just give a little whistle, and I'll come flying if you're lost, eh.
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2013-07-14 10:46 pm

Action / Voice

[A: Action has a ridiculously cheerful Marco wandering Luceti, actually walking, not flying. This is because he's walking his Pops' dog. A big white dog with a mustache on its face. The same crescent moon mustache that can be seen on Marco's tattoo. Well they say pets take after their owners...]

[Though I'm pretty sure that's not how it's meant.]

Fetch, Stefan!

[The dog barks and goes bounding after the white frisbee, only to stop as it hits the ground. What you expected him to catch it? Or actually fetch it? No. He gives Marco a quizzical stare instead, like what the hell is he supposed to do with it? Marco deadpans him right back.]

What, you were expecting this? [He holds up a white boomerang instead. And Stefan barks. With a small sigh Marco tosses it, fetches the fallen frisbee himself, and the dog goes racing after the boomerang. Including when it comes back to Marco, who just holds up a hand and catches it.] I don't know if you're just that lazy or he gave you bad habits, eh? [But Marco gives the dog a treat and an affectionate face rub anyway. Seems his Pops wasn't the only one giving him bad habits. In any case, feel free to spot him anywhere outside and stop and say hello or join him, both Marco and Stefan are quite friendly.]

[B. Voice: After fetching food for dinner (fish and mostly vegetarian things, sorry Robin, he's been cooking with Leanne in mind) and stopping to actually return books to the library instead of just stealing them indefinitely like the pirate he is, Marco lazily grabs a spot in the garden near the Straw Hat house.]

Hello Luceti.

I'm Captain Marco, of the Whitebeards, though there's really only me left of us here. I suppose that goes for a lot of the pirates left here, eh? In any case, if you're a lost new feather, give me a call, and I can come flying out there. And for everyone, I pose to you a question.

All worlds seem to have their own ways of preserving history, and some of burying it. In my own world, I think we go for the latter more often than not. Perhaps ironically, one of the strangest things about being a pirate is that we also uncover and preserve a lot of history. Accidentally, or because of treasure and legends. What one pirate might find to be treasure, the rest of the world might see as useless junk. My father was big on preserving history through stories. When you pass on legends, you keep them real in a way nothing solid can. So my question quite simply, is what do you or your worlds do to preserve history and stories? And what do you do if it's destroyed, eh?

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2013-04-28 07:28 am

With a Smile and A Song....

[So while crazy shit and drama goes down, Marco who can never be called undramatic, has amped that drama up to twelve. And he is giving rooftop performances of booming song! Aww, isn't that nice of him? Too bad it is literally at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.]

Oh what a beautiful morning!!
Oh what a beautiful day!
I've got a beautiful feeling,
Everything's going my way~!

[And without switching a beat he switches right into something else.]

Love lifts us up where we belong!
Where eagles fly! On a mountain high!

[Annnnd another.]

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!
If you can use some exotic booze,
There's a bar in far Bombay!
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!

[And with that he dances about on the rooftop of CH3, showing off his recently returned flag and the stack of booze bottles with white flowers that he made a memorial. Well, he certainly seems like he's in a good mood at least.]


[And loud. So loud. It's too early for this. Someone shut him up.]

Ah, I need something stronger to show my love! [No. Really. He Does not.] Would that I could sing flowers everywhere -- AH! Or perhaps-? [He cheerfully whistles to try to get the birds to join him, and even the birds join in a few rounds of telling him to shut the heck up, because he's going to scare the worms.] No one understands Spring like a trapped phoenix. [Woe is him.]
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2013-03-20 04:16 pm
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[Video] / Action

[It's Marco's voice, but somehow with a darker tint to it. And it looks like his hair's been dyed black? That's not the strangest change though. The tattoo on his chest is completely removed. There's a rough scar where it used to be though, it's not bleeding, but it's clearly still healing.]

Can you believe the arrogance of those fools? First they drag me away, then they removed my father's mark, and gave me a mockery of it. [Oh yeah. He's deadpan, but it doesn't take a lot of knowing Marco to recognize that he is thoroughly pissed off. More angry than he's ever openly shown in Luceti for that matter.] But the joke's on them, oh yes. [His eyes glitter darkly, burning blue for a second, as they might have done before.] Just because my healing is slowed here doesn't make me any less a phoenix. They can remove my tattoos and piercings but that's a simple thing to restore.

Watch and learn fools. Watch and learn.

[LUCKILY the next part is filtered away from kids ten and under, though no doubt many adults would have preferred not to see it either.]
ooc cut for TW: cutting, tattoos, scars, manji symbol )

There. I don't know about you, but I feel better already! Now who wants to get on my good side and help me find some earrings?

[[ooc: Marco's returned from Mallynap in "evil" mode! He'll have black hair, be a lot more emo/depressed/dark, and comments will come from [personal profile] evilfierybluebird and [personal profile] fieryblackbird respectively!]]
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2013-03-09 10:23 pm
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[Audio only] Mallynap

I don't have much time, I'm sorry Robin. There's a note on the dresser, can you do me a favor and look after Stefan for me? If you're stuck, ask for Phoenix Ikki, he knows about dogs since he has Hyoga. And if you see Norma before I get back tell her I love her too! Oh and Law and --

Shit! [There's crashing and loud noises, snow is not a good time to be a phoenix, and the the message ends and goes silent. Marco's been kidnapped!]
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2013-02-18 07:49 am

Ace and Sabo are gone // Written, Action

[The first few times Marco tries to find his voice, he can't. This is what Robin, what everyone tried to warn him about isn't it? And he didn't listen. He always refused. Even if his father had been here and told him the same things, he wouldn't have listened to him either. At first he tries to seek solace in the rooftop, the memorial for his Pops, but today, not even that is enough. Where can he go other than "home?" And home is no longer CH3. It is still Luceti, scattered throughout his loved ones, but other than Leanne, that describe CH3 now.]

[He opens the journal and tries to speak, but he can't. So he winds up writing instead.]

Happy Post-Valentine's Day to anyone. I hope many happy couples found each other and no one was too disrupted.

[His hand shakes, and then clenches and the pen breaks. Too angry, so much rage. He uses the bottom half of the quill as best as he can to write more.]

My little brothers, [A long pause. He looks up at the flag and... it's not enough. Nothing is.] are both gone. Even knowing that every single day they had here was extra time, and as grateful as I am for that, they deserve more. I can't tell you they've gone to a better place, because they haven't.

[The last thing Sabo saw before his death was fire. And Ace died crying and smiling at the same time.]

But they're in good company I guess.

[Good company? He was jealous of them, still, even now. He had a huge fight with Ace about it, but he was jealous. Ace was jealous that Marco could be with the living, and Marco was jealous that Ace could be with the dead, could protect someone he loved that deeply by dying for them, something Marco never could. It was a dumb thing to be jealous about, but even knowing how infantile it was, didn't make it go away. It's a good time to go get a new pen. So Marco jumps down and goes to the item shop, finds a pen and right there, in middle of the shop, sits down on the floor and continues.]

I've lost a lot of nakama before, but Ace's affected me the worst. He brought with him a new era. He saved the man who will be the New Pirate King and renounced the world's idea of villains and heroes. [Marco sets the book and pen down so he won't break them again and it's all bit before he picks them back up.] In legends, phoenixes are supposed to herald the changing of eras, but I hate it. Mankind's eras in my world are tragically majestic things, but what use are they to an individual?

I'm not going back to the apartment for a long time. And I might move when I'm ready. I took the important things with me, but I'm not going back there.

Luceti is still my home. Make no mistake, I'll fight forever for my right to stay and the right for anyone else who wants to stay. I always will. That's who I am.

[He needs to talk to people, to try to comfort them in the wake of Ace's absence, in the wake of Sabo's, but all Marco wants to do is fly away. It's too cowardly though, so he won't. He wants to switch into phoenix form and stop feeling anything, but that's also cowardly and he know Robin's been trying to break him of the habit.]

If you think you can find me, you can try, otherwise, say the word and I'll come find you. No promises about the state I'll be in.

- Marco
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2013-02-05 10:06 am

Voice / Action for CH3 roof

[All right, this is not easy. Marco's a nervous wreck, so he goes pacing, and to find Chun-Li... who isn't home. After a few calls to her journal and looking around, he realizes she's gone home. Again. He greets the morning up on the roof of CH3, smokes a cigarette, and with the Whitebeard flag flying behind him, that's where he is when he makes a post.]

For those who knew her, Chun-Li's gone home. Luceti's lost a great teacher, but I know back in Hong Kong she'll teach kids how to fight and help police up her world. Say a prayer, light a candle, toll a bell, whatever your tradition is.

I have letters from her for Tenten, Spencer, Punzy, Lupin, and Robin. And one for the marine if you could take that to him Ikki?

For the rest of Luceti, I guess I have a question for you, though I guess I should explain with a story first. The first time Chun-Li left, it made me a lot braver. I realized I couldn't take my time for things I wanted. Here, and in my world, everything is fleeting. I'm the type who's not great at taking chances. My Pops and my brothers are great at it. But I always worry about the risks until the chance is gone. And the times I've taken a chance can really hurt, eh? Here I learned that it hurt more to miss those chances and get stuck wondering. Ace is always telling me to braver, to get stronger, and that encourages me a lot to be more like him. If your loved ones were here, are there chances they would tell you to take? Or do you think they'd remind you of the risks instead? [He's still a nervous wreck, but he's at least steady in his voice and more convicted in his decisions.]

[Filtered from Robin:]

To the Straw Hat crew, and those close to her, tomorrow's a special day for Robin, so I'd like to take her out just the two of us. Don't come looking, but I'll bring my journal if you need us.

And to the Straw Hat crew.... [Deep breath! He can do this!] Normally this would be something I'd ask her captain, but you are all just as much her family and so it affects you all too. I have something important to ask. I can do it here, or in person, but please get back to me before tomorrow.

[Filtered to Ace about 50%]
Shit I'm an idiot. Help.
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2013-01-26 11:31 am

4th Wall Break Time!

[Wow, this is a lot of people. Marco gives up fighting his way through the crowd and just switches to hovering. Don't mind the half phoenix, half man above you, okay? He's relatively tame...ish. After flitting about for a little though, he gets tired of trying to spot everyone through the crowd.]

[He gives a sharp piercing whistle and yells out loudly:]


[One might wonder why he's calling his own name, but he's trying to see who will call back Polo. For science! Or you know, so he knows who will be interesting to go fly down to.]

[And later on, he'll be playing hopscotch, and that night he'll be hanging out on the roof of CH3 drinking and saying a toast to his father's memorial. Anyone care to join him?]